Does Silver Shield Xchange exchange money?

No, the SSX is simply an unique verified user experience that allows individuals to buy and sell silver peer-to-peer using the Dwolla payment system.

Can I use any other payment?

No, the SSX only uses Dwolla. Every time a successful auction is completed the Buyer’s Dwolla account is debited and the Seller’s Dwolla account is credited.

What if I have a problem with a buyer or seller?

Dwolla has a dispute system for when issues do arise. You can view the info directly on dwolla’s site at this link

We will work with Dwolla to the fullest to ensure these issues are resolved in a timely fashion.

The Silver Shield Xchange has the right to terminate any user that seeks to ruin the Silver Shield Xchange experience.

We will also rely upon the reputation system so that the members are warned.

What is a Dutch Auction?

By standard definition this is an auction started with a very high price and lowered until someone bids. ┬áThis is not a very common auction method online and Ebay has since redefined the meaning of “Dutch Auctions”. ┬áBy todays definition a dutch auction is one where there are more than 1 items available, think of going on a dutch date where there are more than 1 couple on the date.