The Silver Shield Group is closed 1/5/16. We will inform you when the next opportunity to join these hardcore silver stackers.

In the meantime please sign up for a SilverShieldXchange account to bid on the latest Silver Shield strikes.

Getting started is simple, but first you will need to create a free Dwolla account and verify a funding source to use the site.

Click here to sign up for a free Dwolla account




Our goal at SSX is to make things cheaper and easier for everyone. In order to streamline purchases and expedite product shipping, we require all buyers to be registered with Dwolla and have an available funding source. This allows purchases to happen much faster and allows you to get your items shipped faster from the seller. The Dwolla verification process can take 2-3 days.

Think of Dwolla like PayPal, but without the 3% fees. Dwolla is part of the Veridian Credit Union and allows payments to be transferred for very cheap over the ACH network. Any purchases under $10 have no transaction fee, at all! Anything $10 or more there is a flat $.25 fee. You can see why we are such big fans of Dwolla!



You will need to setup and link your Dwolla account to SSX. If you already have a verified Dwolla account, great! You will be able to sell in just a few minutes, click here to get started!

If not you will need to verify a funding source within your Dwolla account, this can take 2-3 days, so the sooner you start setting up your Dwolla account, the sooner you can be publishing your auction ads!

Once you have linked your SSX account with your Dwolla account, you are now a verified SSX account and can start buying and selling on the Silver Shield Xchange.