The Silver Shield Xchange is a unique peer-to-peer exchange that seeks to create greater market efficiency in the secondary silver market.

Gone are the days of paying premiums on buying silver and then paying exorbitant fees selling silver.

With the Silver Shield Xchange, we can cut out the middle men and get direct to consumer pricing for buying and selling silver.

The Silver Shield Xchange is somewhere between eBay with their up to 14% fees and the uncertain Craigslist experience.

The Silver Shield Xchange is a dedicated silver community that uses the innovative Dwolla payment system to break down the costs in buying or selling silver.

The Silver Shield Xchange is like eBay, but without the 14% fees.

Let’s be honest, everyone is sick of eBay. There are literally thousands of articles complaining about eBay. There are plenty of other auction sites out there, but none of them ever succeed. The reason why there is no competition to eBay is because no one can bring so many bidders to your product.

Silver is different.

The silver community is very small and we have all of the major buyers and sellers within our network.

This will allow for a dynamic experience to finally quit eBay for good.

The Silver Shield Xchange seeks to create an exchange that gives a verified user experience, dynamic auction technology, a seamless payment method and plenty of buyers and sellers that are passionate about exchanging real wealth, among real friends.

To buy or sell silver on the Silver Shield Xchange you simply need to create a SSX user account and set up a Dwolla account.

Think of Dwolla like PayPal, but without the 3% fees.

Dwolla is a local credit union and it allows uses to send or receive money in network for little or no fees.

How does the Silver Shield Xchange work?

At the heart of the Silver Shield Xchange is our auction software. Built like many online auction houses, we aren’t trying to revolutionize online auctions. Our focus is bringing you the most convenient and cheapest means to exchange your precious metals online.

This auction has been modified to only use a single payment processor, Dwolla. They are undoubtedly the way around the expensive banking fees, at the same time working through the banking network. This allows for rock bottom pricing on transactions, something that hinders most businesses.

SSX benefits buyers and sellers. Sellers can make more profits than they were elsewhere, while buyers get a lower price due to lower overhead on the seller.

Any SSX user can create unlimited auction listings for free. This will allow plenty of product to be available from day one.

Once an auction is completed, the winning bidder will be directed to Dwolla’s payment gateway to complete the transaction. Dwolla operates on the ACH network, so a U.S. Bank account is required. Once setup sending and receiving money through Dwolla is really cheap and easy!

That’s it.

Get started….