SSX Meditations

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Today on the Silver Shield Group Podcast we cover the indomitable spirit of one of the greatest rulers of all time Marcus Aurelius. An absolute treasure trove of regenerative, abundant, stoic kingly thought. If you are looking to become your highest and best self, this podcast is a must! Join The Silver Shield Group for… Read more »

Aware and Prepared

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The Silver Shield 2015 Year of the Sheep started off the year with a visceral image of how a nation of sheep begets government of wolves. Now the 2015 Aware and Prepared shows the world what can be done about it. To be truly aware and prepared in the land of sheep and home of… Read more »

SSX 31 The Warrior Fire

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SSX 31- The Warrior Fire is released for Silver Shield Group Members. The latest Silver Shield Group Podcast is available for subscribers here.If you have not joined yet, please do so by picking your own payment price here. As many of you know I have loaded my last YouTube video to be released on 9/11/15…. Read more »