1. I am sick in tired of this Arrogant Mentality of I hope the Silver price stays down for another 10 years B.S. . Hey maybe Chris some of us are quite a bit older than you and we have waited 50 years already ! So this is a Generational divide as I say enough already and Stop the Insanity Mentality of endless suppression is good at least until you are 60 plus then it is a different story , savy ?

    1. Yes is would suck being 60 and stuck in this silver market. I think even if I was your age, I would still feel the same because all of this for my children. With the coming collapse and AI and robotic revolution they are going to need every ounce to thrive.

      1. 60 with no kids makes it worse as this is not only a hedge; it is a retirement supplement to bridge what SS/pensions/company plans won’t cover!

  2. Love getting your coins, just hate the wait. My ordered was processed on May 18th by the mint. (they got my money) yet they haven’t shipped it yet and They (Jim) me it will be 30 days before the ship it. What gives this coin (1 oz Winter is Here) is all over ebay selling already. Frustrated.

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