1. History is always told through the eye of the victor. Hitler didn’t allow central banking and that’s how he made the German people great and why they adored him.

    1. False revisionist history. I can’t stand these Hitler is a good guy tools.

      The Reichsbank funded the Rise of Hitler with Hjalmar Schacht taking tons of money from the Bank of England and Montegu Norman.

      Hitler was a Zionist Strawman to build up a nationalist enemy to fund more debt and Death.

      Just like Trump is now.

      Then there was a fact that he was fascist collectivist war monger.

  2. You guys do know that the Americans helped put Hitler in power right? They promoted him and helped pave the way for him. Shit they even had him as man of the year in time magazine and appeared 4 times on the cover starting in 1931. It’s not just the British with secret ties to the Nazis. The Americans played a big part as well with the rise of Hitler. I think especially after world war 2 the Americans are the biggest threat to our world. They meddle in everything and destabilize nation after nation. I would be more worried about the American government than the royal family these days for sure.

  3. I have doubts personally that Hitler was the person he is portrayed to be. In Europe there are I think 14 countries where there are laws to protect the “truth” about for example the holocaust. Recently I got some information that an old German lady of around 70 years was put in jail for doubting the official story about the Holocaust. That is crazy because for example the official death count in Auschwitz was revised from 4.4 to 1.1 million. Also evidence was put forward that the nazis made soap of jews body fat in form of a bar of soap where the packaging stated that it was made from jew body fat. Also evidence was put forward that the nazis made lamp shades from skin of jews. This was all red army propaganda.

    In Europe children are indoctrinated from early age on to believe all the horrors perpetrated by the germans without questioning them. If you try to put forward evidence that doesn’t match the story that they have been fed they get real upset sometimes even aggressive. They don’t dare question the official story or ask critical questions.

    What I personally did not know for example is that first declaration of war was made by jews. This was followed by a severe world-wide boycott of Germany. The declaration of war and the boycott was in response of Hitler kicking out the jewish bankers who had gained control of much of the German economy following WOI.

    WOII in fact was a war of jews against germans. Engeland and America were controlled by jews and the Sovjet Union was also a jew enterprise. The Russian revolution was funded by Jacob Schiff.

    The official history we are taught is the version of the victors, the jews. Including holocaust. After watching the documentary by the jew Bob Cole I no longer think the holocaust ever took place. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpwR_rnhetw&t=1s

    This thought and uttering this thought about holocaust is a crime by law in many Europeans countries.

    The holocaust I think is similar to the treaty of Versailles a Jewish swindle. To this day Germans are still paying holocaust survivers for WOII atrocities. To be a holocaust survivor you only need to have been somewhere in the third reich.

    To make things worse I actually think jews inflicted a holocaust on Christians (in the gulags) that actually looks very real but that we are not
    commemorating in any way shape or form. Death count higher than 22 million. The achievements of the red army are remember and celebrated each year in Israel is what I understand. But of course the killing of goyim (cattle) is not a sin or a crime according to the talmud. Pedophilia btw also not a problem according to the talmud.

    1. I am the last to fall for Zionist propaganda but don’t think for a second that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

      Hitler was a Zionist straw man propped up in a rigged Hegelian Dialectic to create Israel.

      He was created by them like the Communists in Russia.

      He was a war monger and a collectivist and that is enough for me to vilify despite what ever the holohoax numbers may be.

      Any civilian murders against anyone is evil.

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