1. Chris, we have 1 billion ounces available per year if silver escalates. Secondary and primary mines would fire up around the world- corporate and Ma and Pa operations would go nuts to get silver near parity with gold. Don’t get me wrong – I stack 1000’s of oz’s of Ag but there are still HUGE stockpiles underground.

    1. Yes but two things the price of silver must dramatically rise in order to spur wiser use and more production. Second at current consumption rates there is less than ten years worth of silver available in the earths crust. Like the boomers blew their inheritance after WW2, humanity has blown through this precious metal.

  2. Chris,
    You have all your financial resources invested in silver??!!! While I wouldn’t call you an idiot for that move, I would remind you of an old saying, ” don’t put all your eggs in one basket” These disasters may very well happen but if it doesn’t happen for another 40 years, what good will it do you?

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