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3 years ago


  1. To imply in your coin series that trump would launch drones and be a warmonger with out any evidence to support that he is one is sladerous and wrong. These are not two head of the same snake. The establishment, the very same establishment you speak out against, the rothchilds, sorrors, etc, all want Hillary to win. Hillary is the establishment candidatate. Trump is not. Tiy are doing a great service to humanisty by trash talking Trump, but you have to trash talk him because otherwise you would contradict you entire body of work by supporting a candidate and be a total hypocrite. Better to condridict yourself than being complicite in getting Hillary Clinton elected, the candidate who is the true warmonger already starting conflict with Russia putting us on the precipice of WWIII

    1. I used to be just like you beLIEving in good guys and bad guys.

      Then I woke up to the fact that no one is coming to save me from myself.

      Trump says he “loves war”

      Trump says he “loves debt” and is the “king of debt”

      If you think this ego maniac billionaire is some sort of Constitutional Founding Father you are sadly caught in the Hegelian Dialectic of political puppets.

      Clinton and Trump are long time friends and you have been played. Be prepared for Hitlery to win by a landslide come Election Day.

      1. Hi, Chris –
        You were quite certain that Hillary would win, and were quite incorrect. Also, you have advocated not voting at all, but if someone had not voted for Trump, then we’d have gotten Clinton, right. Either you did not care if Clinton was elected, or you believed Trump is a bad as Clinton, or you did not care at all who is our President for the next four years. I don’t grasp the rationality of this whole “don’t vote for anyone” stance, because I cannot buy the argument that it does not matter at all who our president is … however much he or she is influenced by hidden forces and agendas.

        1. No it does not matter who won. The Debt and Death mongers actually got the best man for the job.

          I have said since 2010 that I did not fear Obama as much as the man that followed him.

          Trump is going to be the worst president if you are for fiscal responsibility and peace.

          Look I don’t believe George Bush won both elections fairly and it is probably the same with Trump. The only votes that matter are the billionaires that own the banks, media and military.

          Ha ha you thought what Trump is going to do what? Bring peace and prosperity? lol at his cabinet…

          You got Trump the self proclaimed “king of debt” who “loves war” who “loves uneducated voters” who “loves Israel” who picked Pence who believes in gay conversion therapy to “cure” gays and then his Debt and Death cabinet of a fast food executive, the wife of Pro Wrestling, a “Mad Dog”Mattis, the most powerful oil executive in the world, not one but two Gooodman Sachs Executive (If you wonder why the stock market is going up look at the stock that caused the most of it. Hint GS.) and let us not forget the Rothschild’s very own Wilbur Ross who is know as the “king of bankruptcy”

          This cabinet has the estimated equivalent wealth of the bottom 43 million poor people in America. I guarantee that when this is all said and done him and his cabinet are going to be richer and the bottom poorer. They will engage in debt and death unlike anyone before them. More war than Bush could have hoped for and more debt than Obama could have spent.

          So no… your vote doesn’t count. I spent the past year working out and I am the strongest I have ever been and can max bench 315, I focused on my family, I stacked like crazy and I am better prepared than those that wasted this entire year fretting about forces outside of their control.

          If I were to guess we will have massive deficit spending (wealth confiscation) another huge false flag, huge wars, and eventually a hyper inflation that will benefit those that have debt and those that have real tangible assets.

  2. Are you racist? You should be ashamed of yourself and your Hitler queen! This is in bad taste. Many died at the hand of Hitler. Most were Jews. This is a terrible way to have your company profiled and viewed by others!
    I recommend you take this down immediately!!!!!

    1. I am sorry for your ingnorance of the British Royal Family and their role in the rise of Hitler.

      Believe it or not the British Royal Family is actually German! Their real last name is Saxe Coburg Gotha, but changed it to a more British sounding Windsor during World War 1 because of anti-German sentiment.

      King Edward VIII was a renowned Nazi sympathizer and it is rumored that his abdication of the throne had more to do with his Nazi ties than his illicit affair with Wallis Simpson. He eventually met personally with Hitler with Wallis Simpson in 1937.

      In fact, it was King Edward VIII that taught his young niece and future Queen Elizabeth the sieg heil Nazi salute.

      So the Queen of England is actually German and her Uncle was a Nazi sympathizer, and she loved dancing to sieg heil as a kid, it’s not like she is actually friends with Nazis as an adult.

      Well… her husband Prince Philip whose family name is Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg, has German relatives who were avowed Nazis before and during the war. Three of the Prince’s four sisters – Sophie, Cecile and Margarita. All had married German princes, three of whom became leading Nazis.

      Then there is also the Bank of England ties that funded the huge German build up during the great depression to build the Nazi war machine.
      Montagu Norman of the Bank of England lent money to German Central Bank President Hjalmar Schacht for Hitler to build up the Nazi empire.

      The British and the Nazis were so close that in the middle of the war Rudolph Hess flew to England to meet Nazi sympathizers to negotiate peace to the two ideologically aligned powers. He ran into the wrong British and was arrested, tried and convicted of war crimes.

      It even carries on with this generation with Prince Harry wearing Nazi uniforms at a party.

      Where there is Nazi smoke, there is Nazi fire.

      The 2016 Nazi Bride has a Nazi Anglo American flag as a background.
      Der Sieg Wird Unser Sein is German for Victory will be ours.
      It also has the real family name of Elizabeth of Saxe-Coburg Gotha.
      Her crown is made of SS dog tags.

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