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Jefferson - PROOF - 3D

Join The Silver Shield Group Advanced Now!

Instant access to the hottest Proof MicroMintage in the world!

Join the Silver Shield Group FREE Basic Now for BU MiniMintage!

In a world of online censorship and government manipulation of money and metals, you can find refuge in the Silver Shield Group!

The Past: The Academy

We have spent years working on spreading the truth with the massive free Sons of Liberty Academy. The one and only academy that seeks to deprogram the individual from collective indoctrination that runs this world.

This free academy has 10 free modules of close to 48 hours of lessons designed to free the individual from a meaningless life.

This is a MUST if you are just waking up! Join Sons of Liberty Academy today for free to get started.

PUTIN - PROOFThe Present: The Greatest Truth

We then took the hard lessons of the Sons of Liberty Academy and brought it to the world with The Greatest Truth Never Told on YouTube. There we created thought provoking logic to all of the issues that plague humanity.

With close to 30 million lifetime views, 125,000 subscribers and 1,000+ videos we countered the Main Stream Media and increasingly the “Alternative” Media on the truth about this world.

No one hits the false memes harder than The Greatest Truth Never Told.

Subscribe today.

The Future: The Silver Shield Group

“You cannot change the world to make yourself happy or free. You must change yourself to make your world happy and free.”

War is a Racket - BU - 3DFinally, we come to the place in our personal development where we clearly see the world is a very sick place and that that there is no collective solution to these collectivist problems.

We created the private Silver Shield Group for individuals to focus on consciously creating individual solutions in their own lives.

This is the only way forward that guarantees individual success and self actualization.

Now there are two way to join the Silver Shield Group!

1. Silver Shield Group FREE Basic

Now you can join the Silver Shield Group for FREE and receive member benefits.

Join today!

  • DISOBEY - GHANDI - BUReceive the Silver Shield Report Podcast
    • By joining the Silver Shield Group Basic Membership you will receive the powerful Silver Shield Report podcast directly to your email.
    • These podcasts offer logic and insights that you will not find anywhere else!
  • NEW! Exclusive Silver Shield MiniMintages
    • Each week you will receive exclusive offers to purchase limited run MiniMintages that offer a tremendous advantage over the massive government mint programs.
    • In 2017, we will have exclusive Brilliant Uncirculated Silver Shield MiniMintages.
      • A newer version the highly successful MicroMintage formula.
      • Limited runs mean high collectors premium returns.
      • Check out the Silver Shield Market Report at
    • Now we can offer the most competitive pricing for these instant collectors items.
    • Each MiniMintage run creates a limited supply in an ever growing demand of the series.
    • BLINDED Liberty BU 3DWhy buy government silver that runs into the millions of strikes when you can get private, meaningful silver for the same if not better price?!
      • Silver with meaning. (Who needs propaganda, fuzzy animals and the elitist Queen?)
      • Limited mintage silver.
      • As low as $2.99 over spot.
      • No minimum purchase.
      • No credit card fees.
      • Free shipping on orders of $500 or more.


2. Silver Silver Group Advanced

The monthly paid Silver Shield Group Advanced Membership receives all of the benefits of the Basic but with two additional premium features.

  • Be Your King ProofSilver Shield Group Forum
    • Hundreds of archived Silver Shield Reports.
    • An active, troll-free forum.
    • A conscious and caring community of support and logic.
  • Exclusive Silver Shield MicroMintages
    • Continued Exclusive Proof Silver Shield MircoMintages
    • By far the most successful active silver collecting program in the world!
    • Limited runs of meaningful and historically significant silver.
    • Proven collector’s premium returns that far exceed the manipulated silver price.

Join Today!

  • Gain instant access to the Silver Shield Group Forum with over 700+ hardcore stackers!
  • Exclusive Silver Shield MicroMintage Strikes!
  • Exclusive archived Silver Shield Reports and Podcasts!


“Adversity is the stone that sharpens the blade.”

The Silver Shield Group was born out of a 5 year bear market in silver.

We are by far the most hardcore silver stackers on earth.

We see the global, generational, debt based, fiat Ponzi Scheme coming to it’s mathematically inevitable end.

We do not watch in fear, as we only focus on what we can control.

We stack knowing what true generational wealth is and more importantly what we are going to do with it when the time comes.

We thrive on adversity knowing that it only makes uScreen Shot 2016-04-06 at 12.04.49 PMs stronger.


How is it possible for some silver to go up +123% in only a few weeks? Read on…

We promised you that 2016 SSG MicroMintage was going to be intense and we have already delivered!

We focused on what worked last year and have delivered stunning returns this year in a very, very short period of time.

Last year, as you can read below, the 2015 SSG MicroMintage returned an awesome +87% ROI.

This year, the 2016 SSG MicroMintage returned a stunning +123% ROI in only a few weeks!!

Watch this

Year Oz. Reverse Obverse COA Mintage Original Price Recent Value % Increase
$505 $1,124 123%
2016 Silver Shield Pieces of Eight Black 465
SSG 1 Proof BU 465 $32 $66 106%
2016 Silver Shield Amore Red and Pink 1,470
SSG 1 BU BU 920 $19 $34 79%
1 Proof Proof 550 $34 $59 74%
2016 Silver Shield Oligarchy V1 Green 725
SSG 1 Proof Proof 725 $35 $69 97%
2016 Silver Shield Oligarchy V2 Green 670
SSG 1 Rev Proof Rev Proof 670 $38 $99 161%
2016 Silver Shield Oligarchy V3 Green 760
SSG 1 Rev Proof Proof 760 $41 $117 185%
2016 Silver Shield Hitlery Green 600
SSG 1 Rev Proof Proof 600 $40 $99 148%
2016 Silver Shield Trump Green 900
SSG 1 Rev Proof Proof 900 $38 $125 229%
2016 Silver Shield Bush Green 600
SSG 1 Rev Proof Proof 600 $38 $149 292%
2016 Silver Shield Biden Green 520
SSG 1 Rev Proof Proof 520 $38 $69 82%
2016 Silver Shield Bernie Green 630
SSG 1 Rev Proof Proof 630 $38 $73 92%
2016 Silver Shield Royal Invader Tea 690
SSG 1 Proof Proof 690 $38 $52 37%
2016 Silver Shield We Indoctrinate You Pale Green 1,400
SSG 1 BU BU 1,400 $19 $25 32%
2016 Silver Shield We Condemn You Pale Green 1,400
SSG 1 BU BU 1,400 $19 $29 53%
2016 Silver Shield Cannabis Cures Green 690
SSG 1 Proof Proof 690 $38 $59 55%


The average SSG member invested about $2,000 in the first quarter of 2016 and has an estimated $2,460 unrealized gain!

Some are buying more and others less, but honestly any gain better than nothing inside this 4 year bear market in silver.

First, let me confess that this is based off of the latest ridiculous FeeBay numbers and does not account for their exorbitant fees. We do not condone buying any over priced metal off of FeeBay and prefer you get SSG wholesale pricing by joining the Silver Shield Group today!


In fact, we dislike FeeBay so much we have created the as a place for buyers and sellers to transact with 1/4 of the fees.

These +123% ROI figures do account for the free international shipping we provide for SSG members.

So how can we possibly do this +123% ROI?!

I have been invested in silver for over a decade and became VOTE WITCH 2016 Proofincredibly frustrated at the limited state-run bullion choices and banker manipulation in investing in silver.

I chose to direct my energy in being the change I want to see in the world. For over 4 years, I have been designing meaningful, inspiring, and truthful Silver Shield strikes. I set about creating new designs for a limited time that are about the same price as the old-in-the-tooth Silver Eagle. The goal is to create silver strikes that would perform better longer term than any other silver for the same investment.

To give you a small example, in 2014 you could have bought a US Treasury Silver Eagle for +$2.99 over spot or a 2014 Silver Shield Never Trust Government for the same price.

The 2014 Silver Eagle had about 40,000,000 produced and we only made about 8,000 Never Trust Government, but let’s look at the premium over spot they are fetching now.

Today, we see brand new Eagles for as low as +$2.39 over spot and the 2014 Never Trust Government are doing close to double spot at +$15 over spot.

Same money spent, same ounce count, and only one give you more fiat for when you need it.

The SSG MicroMintage is taking this to the next level!

Every week in the Silver Shield Group we offer a new limited strike with a unique, exact numbered Certificate of Authenticity. These strikes become instant rare collectibles.

Instant profits for those that flip silver and instant peace of mind for those that stack.

SSG has no fear in what the public, FeeBay or dealers find acceptable any more!

Do you know we had two designs banned from FeeBay already this year? We did a design showing the true nature of the political Hegelian Dialectic and one of the Nazi roots of Prescott Bush. Both were immediately banned for the Nazi imagery. Well what do you think that did to the value of those? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 9.58.24 AMScreen Shot 2016-04-06 at 9.58.03 AM

Please note: FeeBay apparently does not see anything offensive about the hammer and sickle of the Communists that have killed hundreds of millions.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 9.58.43 AM


It is not all about getting banned that brings value to the SSG MicroMintages, take a look at the Trump 2016. This has been the biggest seller of the MicroMintages in terms of volume and it is one of the best performers of the year already. So we do not believe that the more we sell, the less valuable the strikes become. It is a matter of always selling less than what we could that drives the prices higher.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 10.07.13 AM


Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 1.46.06 PMSilver Shield defies the government propaganda and banker manipulation!

Throughout all of human history tyrants and governments alike have used the coin of the realm to harness the power of their people. Now it is time to change that! Silver Shield offers consciousness defying designs like the Pyramid of Power, Oligarchy 2016, 7 Sins of Obama and the 6 Slave Queens. These are historically significant strikes at the heart of the beast.

The thing that I am most excited about is that for once in my silver investing career, I never care about the spot price of silver! I know every SSG ounce I buy is worth more than I bought it for. Most SSG members stack for the long term as they have found that it is a better way to save than their other investments. And with so many new designs they don’t have to worry about having too much of one thing. So whether you are buying $100, $500 or $1,000 a week in the SSG you will have diversified, collectible silver that has a growing following and strong track record.

We all know past performance does not guarantee future results, but consider this…

There are quadrillions in fiat, debt based, generational Ponzi scheme assets world wide.

There are trillions in gold and billions in silver and only a few million in Silver Shield.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 11.09.22 AMI believe anyone in hard assets will benefit from the inevitable collapse of the fiat world, but those in silver will out perform those in gold as the Gold to Silver ratio collapses to closer to the 1:9 natural ratio.

Those in Silver Shield will do better than those in bulk silver as we have already seen, but when the paradigm changes so to will the desire for meaningful silver.

Do you really think people are going to clamor for the Queen’s Maple Leaf or US Government Eagles when America collapses? The dollar will go the way of the Confederate Bond and the Maples and Eagles will go the way of Nazi Gold into the melting pot of history.

Silver Shield strikes are real, tangible assets in your possession that have meaning and collectible value beyond the metal we love.

How will we protect the future value of the Silver Shield Group?

Over the past 4 years we have gone through many growing pains and have found that the best way to grow is to only open up the group for a few days at a time.

Since it is a paid membership site, it is a huge deterrent to most of the trolls you may see in other forums. We do get our trolls who stir the pot from time to time, but they don’t last long.

Closing the group also allows us to grow at a measured pace. We closed the group last year after growing considerably. This allowed the members, merchant processors and mint to adjust to the new surge in demand. Once the group is closed it provides a controlled environment for steady growth.

We are ready to once again open the doors to the Silver Shield Group. This will not be available again for many months as we release the next batch of SSG MicroMintages.



We stack what we sell.

Since we also only produce what is sold, this limits the amount of product that hits the after market which drives up the collectible value. We have experienced that it is better sell a few less ounces and see much larger investor returns rather than pushing more product. The reason for that is because we stack what we sell. Name one other program or mint that can say that?! Our experience is that most mints are in the volume business to move metal and measure their wealth in dollars. SSG is the only program we know of that puts your ROI first and foremost.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 11.55.24 AMWe have hundreds of designs coming.

Does anyone else think it is ridiculous that the Silver Eagle has never been changed in 25+ years?

Or that they dig up designs from 1916, because they don’t seem to have new ideas?

Or that the boring designs like the ATB Arkansas Bidet? (You cannot unsee that one.)

Seriously, national mints are run by bureaucrats that stifle imagination and creativity. Pay check players that have no desire to rock the boat much less produce inspired, evocative art.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 12.04.49 PMWe could choose to criticize or be the change I would like to see. I have chosen the later.

We have hundreds of design coming, with four sculptors and two graphic artists. And for every 1 design we sell, we are investing in 3-4 new designs. The only limit we have is what we impose on ourselves with closing the group for measured growth.


We FINALLY have a Silver Shield Collector’s Guide!

For 4 years, I have been creating beautiful, meaningful or thought provoking silver strikes.

I have been so busy putting out new designs that I have never really spent the time necessary to put together a Silver Shield Collector’s Guide.

Now with the HUGE help of the Silver Shield Group, we have one!

We have an online version posted

In it, you will find every single official Silver Shield strike to help you track and grow your Silver Shield Collection!

We have pictures of the Obverse and Reverse of every strike as well as the mintages and meaning behind them all.

Most of you will be stunned at all of the Silver Shield strikes we have done over the past few years here.

This will also help many see why Silver Shield keeps growing in numismatic value every month!

Besides the online version there is also a printable version as well as an Excel checklist to enter in your personal collection.

Click here to for Silver Shield Collection downloads.


The Silver Shield Group was founded in 2011 by Chris Duane to act as a refuge for the Aware and Prepared. A private forum where members could share their path in a “troll” free environment. What started out as a monthly newsletter seeking to create an intellectual foundation for the next paradigm, has grown into so much more!

The Silver Shield Group now has it’s own weekly podcast hosted by Ryan Brooks. Each week Chis Duane applies logic to everything from recent events to silver and even the philosophy of the next paradigm. This unique perspective has attracted over 100,000 subscribers on The Greatest Truth Never Told on YouTube, but this Silver Shield Group is about real friends learning real skills and stacking real wealth.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 10.36.56 AM

While there are certainly a lot of newsletters and forums out there none of them have weekly, exclusive micro mintages of Silver Shield strikes. The most hardcore stackers know that it is not just all about ounce count, it also has to do with evocative designs, rising premiums and rarity.

Each week Silver Shield Group members are offered a chance to purchase micro mintages with unique certificates of authenticity.

In addition, we also have Flash Sales that provide incredible insider deals.

Your SSG membership also includes free shipping, as well as international delivery.
So to give you an idea of what kind of value you can expect from stacking Silver Shield Group Exclusive Strikes, let’s look at 2015 SSG MicroMintages this year. We advertised that the average 2015 SSG MicroMintage was up +55% YTD! And while past performance is no guarantee of future performance, but that excluded our Top 5 Performers of the Year!

We Indoctrinate You Up 1,329%

We Poison You Up 524%

We Condemn You Up 471%

We Fatten You Up 244%

We Watch You Up 168%

If we included those, the average SSG Micromintage was up +87% YTD from purchase and international delivery to the latest eBay sale! This +87% YTD is done in only less than a year and inside a four year bear market in silver! Wait until silver catches fire again!

Year Oz. Reverse Obverse COA Mintage Original Price Recent Value % Increase
$4,547 $8,508 87%
2015 Silver Shield New Year’s 14/15 250 $35 $50 43%
SSG 1 Proof Proof Proof 250
2015 Silver Shield We Indoctrinate You POP 260 $35 $500 1329%
SSG 1 Proof Rev Proof Proof 260
2015 Silver Shield Love Red Hearts 195 $35 $59 69%
SSG 1 Proof Proof Proof 195
2015 Silver Shield AG47 Bullet Hole 175 $35 $59 69%
SSG 1 Proof Proof Proof 175
2015 Silver Shield Standing Freedom Red Border 70 $175 $240 37%
SSG 5 Proof Proof Proof 70
2015 Silver Shield We Condemn You POP 302 $35 $260 643%
SSG 1 Proof Rev Proof Proof 302
2015 Silver Shield Crucifixion Thorns 200 $35 $59 69%
SSG 1 Proof Proof Proof 200
2015 Silver Shield Crucifixion Thorns 95 $63 $119 90%
SSG 2 Proof Proof Proof 95
2015 Silver Shield Crucifixion Thorns 45 $175 $225 29%
SSG 5 Proof Proof Proof 45
2015 Silver Shield Cannabis Green Hallmark 200 $35 $60 71%
SSG 1 Proof Proof Proof 200
2015 Silver Shield Cannabis Green Hallmark 100 $60 $119 98%
SSG 2 Proof Proof Proof 100
2015 Silver Shield Cannabis Green Hallmark 55 $150 $400 167%
SSG 5 Proof Proof Proof 55
2015 Silver Shield We Fatten You POP 315 $38 $200 433%
SSG 1 Proof Rev Proof Proof 315
2015 Silver Shield Trivium Girls Sun 110 $175 $466 166%
SSG 5 Proof Proof Proof 110
2015 Silver Shield Freedom Girl Flowers 140 $35 $75 114%
SSG 1 Proof Proof Proof 140
2015 Silver Shield Freedom Girl Flowers 75 $60 $85 42%
SSG 2 Proof Proof Proof 75
2015 Silver Shield Freedom Girl Flowers 50 $175 $325 86%
SSG 5 Proof Proof Proof 50
2015 Silver Shield We Watch You POP 315 $38 $159 318%
SSG 1 Proof Rev Proof Proof 315
2015 Silver Shield Year Of The Sheep Red and Gold 200 $70 $100 43%
SSG 2 Proof Proof Proof 200
2015 Silver Shield Year Of The Sheep Red and Gold 100 $175 $225 29%
SSG 5 Proof Proof Proof 100
2015 Silver Shield Don’t Tread On Me Snake Skin 190 $35 $57 63%
SSG 1 Proof Proof Proof 190
2015 Silver Shield We Consume You POP 375 $38 $110 189%
SSG 1 Proof Rev Proof Proof 375
2015 Silver Shield Seven Sins Of Obama Fire 200 $70 $119 70%
SSG 2 Proof Proof Proof 200
2015 Silver Shield Seven Sins Of Obama Fire 80 $175 $239 37%
SSG 5 Proof Proof Proof 80
2015 Silver Shield Silver Bull Barbed Wire 80 $150 $329 119%
SSG 5 Proof Proof Proof 80
2015 Silver Shield We Brutalize You POP 350 $38 $177 366%
SSG 1 Proof Rev Proof Proof 350
2015 Silver Shield Argyraspides Dark Blue Key 70 $150 $225 50%
SSG 5 Proof Proof Proof 70
2015 Silver Shield Merica Blue Patriot 80 $175 $279 59%
SSG 5 Proof Proof Proof 80
2015 Silver Shield Slave Police Billy Clubs 70 $175 $279 59%
SSG 5 Proof Proof Proof 70
2015 Silver Shield We Poison You POP 325 $38 $150 295%
SSG 1 Proof Rev Proof Proof 325
2015 Silver Shield Merica Blue Patriot 200 $65 $98 51%
SSG 2 Proof Proof Proof 200
2015 Silver Shield We Distract You V1 POP 355 $38 $87 129%
SSG 1 Proof Rev Proof Proof 355
2015 Silver Shield Trivium Girls Sun 325 $70 $149 113%
SSG 2 Proof Proof Proof 325
2015 Silver Shield Slave Police Billy Clubs 200 $70 $100 43%
SSG 2 Proof Proof Proof 200
2015 Silver Shield Aware and Prepared Paw 120 $175 $259 48%
SSG 5 Proof Proof Proof 120
2015 Silver Shield We Fool You POP 600 $38 $59 55%
SSG 1 Proof Rev Proof Proof 600
2015 Silver Shield Liberty Or Death Revo Evo 200 $31 $50 61%
SSG 1 Proof Proof Proof 200
2015 Silver Shield Slave Uncle Revo Evo 200 $31 $50 61%
SSG 1 Proof Proof Proof 200
2015 Silver Shield Come and Take It Revo Evo 200 $31 $50 61%
SSG 1 Proof Proof Proof 200
2015 Silver Shield Standing Freedom Revo Evo 200 $31 $50 61%
SSG 1 Proof Proof Proof 200
2015 Silver Shield Peace Within Dancing Lines 95 $175 $225 29%
SSG 5 Proof Proof Proof 95
2015 Silver Shield Aware and Prepared Paw 225 $75 $150 100%
SSG 2 Proof Proof Proof 225
2015 Silver Shield We Break You POP 525 $38 $55 45%
SSG 1 Proof Rev Proof Proof 525
2015 Silver Shield Non Vi Virtute Vici Clouds 95 $175 $225 29%
SSG 5 Proof Proof Proof 95
2015 Silver Shield Liberty Or Death Black Jacks 100 $175 $225 29%
SSG 5 Proof Proof Proof 100
2015 Silver Shield We Rob You POP 500 $38 $55 45%
SSG 1 Proof Rev Proof Proof 500
2015 Silver Shield We Break Them POP 475 $38 $55 45%
SSG 1 Proof Rev Proof Proof 475
2015 Silver Shield We Distract You V2 POP 535 $38 $65 71%
SSG 1 Proof Rev Proof Proof 535
2015 Silver Shield Peace Gold 105 $175 $225 29%
SSG 5 Proof Proof Proof 105
2015 Silver Shield We Own You POP 650 $38 $65 71%
SSG 1 Proof Rev Proof Proof 650
2015 Silver Shield Never Trust Tribal 145 $175 $250 43%
SSG 5 Proof Proof Proof 145
2015 Silver Shield Peace Within Dancing Line 220 $75 $115 53%
SSG 2 Proof Proof Proof 220
2015 Silver Shield Peace Gold 220 $75 $97 29%
SSG 2 Proof Proof Proof 230


We also use the SSG MicroMintage as a proving ground for all new designs before we consider releasing the Brilliant Uncirculated version to our global dealer network. It is our hope to provide only the best designs to the public, but still provide us with creative flexibility when dealing with politically touchy topics.

If you are not interested in the rare weekly strikes, then the monthly podcast provides valuable insight, that you will not find in any of the alternative media.

And now for the first time ever, you choose what the Silver Shield Group membership is worth to you. Simply choose any of the monthly subscriptions below and receive the same access to the Silver Shield Group.

Listen to all. Follow none.


38 Responses to “Join The Silver Shield Group”

  1. Tony Giordano

    !00 % of the ideas in this 8 hour presentation (I am half way through it) are excellent. Especially the all too short reference to man’s need to study the classical value of Logic, to free him/ herself by thinking clearly. But the presentation avoids the balance between these two points: i.e. as long as man/woman refuse to discover the ability to think for themselves they contribute 100% to their demise by the 100% of false leaders, wars, finances, banks, et al who take advantage of them, none of which could ever occur if people thought clearly for themselves. I wrote three books, now on (Brooklyn Odyssey, Tonight i Won’t Be Acting, Not For Prophet) all motivated by many of your ideas, though mine are not on the nose ideas, rather creative proof that even a poor kid can have a great life (ie. Bk I) if he thirsts for a way to think for himself (ie. in Bk i he fights for a classical education without even knowing what that means, and winds up in a Jesuit Prep, eventually a Jesuit college [Fairfield U] and into Bks II and III- a theatrical career and an ability to fight corruption, yet remain free, happy and successful. I then wrote the screenplay for Brooklyn Odyssey, which last year (2014) received certificates of awards from LA Movie Awards, and NY Screenwriters Contest. Now I am trying to make a film version, to demonstrate your very ideas, without presenting them as ideas. Is there any way we can talk or meet. I think your concept of how in the future our MINDS can free us: a 4th dimension if you will, and once such power becomes commonplace, how the foolish choices societies have created will be unnecessary. Please send me a way for us to have direct contact. thank you, tony giordano

  2. Dr. Phillip Daniels

    I was wondering if the silver she’ll also sells regular American Eagle to members also and if so will it be cheaper. Right now I am buying from a local dealer for $19 and 50 Cent per coin with no tax what device do you have for me and can I acquire a cheaper I am a new stacker but I do not sale I only collect can you please help me to acquire more silver at a cheaper rate

    • Silver Shield

      No we do not sell the US governments coin of the realm.
      Yes we sell cheaper than that.
      Yes we have rarer designs.
      Yes our strikes go up faster in value.
      Yes you should join to see if it is worth your continued time.

    • Silver Shield

      Yes Silver Shield Group is the forum, podcast and MicroMintage. It is available for international members.

      The SilverShieldXchange is the auction site for US only.

      Two different things.

  3. mark

    whats the difference in monthly subscription costs? they seem to all have the same benefits. is it like i do a monthly 50 and that is credited towards a purchase? somehow i cant seem to find an answer

    • Silver Shield

      The SSG is the forum, podcast and micromintage.

      The SSX is the auction site and only good for US residents.

  4. Michael

    How do i join to get the micromintage? And what is the price for the membership and what is the price for the different coins?
    PS Internation (Denmark)

    • Silver Shield

      You can join in the post above. Prices and recent values are above also.

      • Chris

        I tried to join, but the webpage says that the group is closed. Why is that and when will it reopen?

        • Silver Shield

          The SSG is only opened a few times a year to manage our growth. The next opening is this summer.

          • Chris

            Thanks for responding. Will we be notified, or do we need to check the website frequently?

          • Silver Shield

            We email our mailing list and usually do a video on YT.

  5. Rhonda

    just listened to one of your interviews. this resonated with me to my very soul. So thankful for you hard research and your passion. My husband and I have been awake for over 4 years and three years did what you did. We sold our house, gave back our vehicles and left everything, similar to you. We have two teenage sons and it has really been hard but we feel it was the right thing to do. I agree with you about the financial crash and that it is necessary. Anyway, you know the process of awakening. My children are homeschooled and this is what I want to teach them. Thank you for your passion!!!! You rock! Rhonda

  6. Patrick


    Is the SSG closed currently? I don’t see the Join button anywhere on the page. If it is closed, when will it be re-opened?



  7. James

    I want to join but I am uncomfortable entering all my banking information. Is there another option? Like a credit card?

    • Silver Shield

      Dwolla is just like a Bank working through the Veridian Credit Union (formerly John Deere Credit Union). It is just like when you sign up for paypal, credit card or bank account. They need your info.

  8. Guiri

    Cannot Join SSG without a verified Dwolla (?) account.
    Cannot get a Dwolla (?) account without a USA address & SS No.

    So only Americans can join the SSG now?
    Wish you put this clearly at the start of the registration process.
    If wasted over an hour jumping through all the hoops to get nowhere.

    This website could benefit greatly from a User Interface Experience (UIX) expert. The ‘Website’ required for the Post Reply actually requires Website Protocol & URL (aaaggghhh!)

    • Silver Shield

      SSX is the US only auction site with Dwolla
      SSG is the international membership for Silver Shield MicroMintages.

  9. Zane

    I’m very confused about all this. Isn’t silver just silver? Why does it matter where it came from or is minted? Shouldn’t the value of all silver coins be the same as long as they are the same purity?

  10. Evan

    Hi. I just joined and am very new to stacking. Can’t help but feel like I’m stuck behind the eight ball though. Really looking forward to acquiring new, rare and original pieces. I’ve watched several of your videos in the last few months and most of it rocked me to my core. It’s good to know that there are more likeminded people out there. Keep it up!

    • Silver Shield

      Yes Credit Cards and FREE shipping for the Proof MicroMintages in the Silver Shield Group domestically and internationally.

      No Credit Cards for the BU MiniMintages and no international shipping.

      • Jason

        I have joined the site, paid the fees and I still cant find how to order the Proof MicroMintages with a credit card. Am i missing something?

  11. larry

    R U able to skip north of the border? If i join that would be a very important for any outsider Thanks



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