1. Chris, I listen to all, though follow none. That said, you’ve truly opened my eyes vía your truthnevertold vídeos. And I’ve only been “awake” (and completely committed) for roughly six months. I have your Non Vi Virtute proofs (SD Bullion) and want to parchase more. I tried to register for your auctions, but simply couldn’t get it to work. I wrote last week explaining the difficulty, though haven’t heard back yet. I’m definitely purchasing vía your Sizzling Summer Silver. Last thing; I’ve done very well stacking since I discovered, by happenstance, that I was asleep and silver is the way forward. And, I’ve accepted your premise that it’s impractical for “them” to confiscare. Alas, I’m not sure where to store my stack while we transition from here to there. Any ideas?

    1. Thank you for your support and interest!

      As far as storing silver I recommend only two places NOT to store silver… NOT your home and NOT your bank.

      Everywhere else is good. Get creative and think like a pirate. 😉

      Divide your stash so if something is found it, won’t totally ruin you.

      Also the degree of hiding can vary, long term holding can get more complex, while Anger Phase silver is something you will probably need in an emergency, you can make easier to access.

    1. Bob & Charles, Not being snippy, but a quick Google search will turn up all sorts of ideas along with the pros/cons. There are numerous books on amazon.com discussing this (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0873642899/) – scroll down and see other great books in “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” section. Search Survival Blog forum (https://survivalblog.com//?s=bury+cache) – burial is typically the best method with those books and website outlining how to find best location, materials/methods, decoy methods, etc. Silver and Gold will last for hundreds of lifetimes if buried. You can get simple PVC pipe and sealant from any home improvement store.

  2. I, unlike others am not surprised by the vote in the uk. They have been a nation in history that holds a fighting ownership of independence. Being physically separated for their 1000 years gives then the independent mind set. They are much older than many other nations. Canada and the USA haven’t nearly the independence experience that they have. Our mindsets are different. We think that the simple want of independence looks like take it and run. They cannot get back the cost of the failed attachment, but can be free of paying to be controlled. The americans are going through the same thing with their own government. They look similar to the late 20’s Germany and Italy. Those who desire control of the nation step and push forward to grab all they can get. The people cannot fall asleep…they must stay awake and find an independent leader, which I believe can happen now, and grow, and find their way and find even better leaders. People have the chance to dream again. This is the best thing to take into the coming depression. It keeps your heart alive. A depression will also teach you that a government is needed, but people have the responsibility of keeping them in check. We must all be responsive and responsible citizens. Both are required. Don’t let loonies take you into war by not thinking or not trusting your own thinking. We must think before we talk and trust others that we share our thoughts with so we can balance our thoughts together so we can offer ideas and arguments together. This is how the US became a nation and if we stop, the true nation ends because ws give up. Do not give up. We see the words of the WW2 prime minister have stayed in the hearts of enough to want freedom in these days.

  3. look boys ….your missing the big picture here , what you must keep in mind is that these people fund and arm both sides of a conflict , they bet both sides of the market , whenever you see the public has only a choice between two variants, you can be dam sure no matter what the outcome ….they win, that’s how they work it , that’s how they have been able to control everything …when was the last time you remember there was ever a 3 rd choice , if there was come time to decide you can be sure the 3 rd one was eliminated before it was time to vote or make the decision. What we need to do is start trying to control things ourselves with 3 rd choices , 4 the or 5 th choices, its the only way you can win with these reptiles

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