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2016 Silver Shield Trump BU

Love him or hate him, Trump is the story of the year.

Is Trump a megalomaniac or just a patriot with a comb over?

You decide.

The 2016 Silver Shield Trump BU is an incused design and is available for the rest of the year.

The SSG Reverse Proof released earlier this year is fetching over $150 on eBay!

Don’t miss out on this!

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 3.11.39 PM

2016 Silver Shield Cannabis Cures BU

Cannabis is a wonderful natural gift, and yet we treat it like it is the most dangerous drug on the planet.

There has never been a reported overdose from Cannabis, and yet legal drugs like cigarettes, alcohol and prescription drugs claim 500,000 a year in the US alone!

The real reason why Cannabis is illegal is that, like silver, it is a threat to the establishment.

Cannabis is a cheap, localized solution to many corporations like alcohol, fuel, medicines, chemicals, and paper.

The medical benefits of Cannabis are not matched by any other plant on Earth.

It has proven to benefit PTSD in Veterans, glaucoma and even cure cancer.

In fact, there are over 700 medical benefits to Cannabis!

It is time to change the consciousness on Cannabis and legalize nature. Go look at a 1914 $10.00 bill on the reverse… Oops, there it is!

The 2016 Silver Shield Cannabis Cures BU is available for a limited time.

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