Silver Shield Collector’s Guide

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 9.07.47 AMWe FINALLY have a Silver Shield Collector’s Guide!

For going on 4 years, I have been creating beautiful, meaningful or thought provoking silver strikes.

I have been so busy putting out new designs that I have never really spent the time necessary to put together a Silver Shield Collector’s Guide.

Now with the HUGE help of the Silver Shield Group, we have one!

We have an online version posted

In it, you will find every single official Silver Shield strike to help you track and grow your Silver Shield Collection! 

We have pictures of the Obverse and Reverse of every strike as well as the mintages and meaning behind them all.

Most of you will be stunned at all of the Silver Shield strikes we have done over the past few years here.

This will also help many see why Silver Shield keeps growing in numismatic value every month!

Besides the online version there is also a printable version as well as an Excel checklist to enter in your personal collection.

Click here to for Silver Shield Collection downloads.




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