Get Out Of Your 401k… Into Silver… Tax FREE!

3 years ago


  1. Chris, I am in the process of doing this with Gus. As he said, I was not able to rollover my company pension and 401K until I terminated employment there. Now that I have completed the process of walking away and I’m retired from my medical practice, I could take out the lump sum in cash, but since I am not 59 1/2 yet, I would pay 20% federal tax PLUS a 10% penalty. Instead, I can take the lump sum as a rollover into the new self directed IRA which is held in the LLC of which I am the custodian. It is the only way to hold the assets where we choose to.

    Gus, and his associate Will, have been extremely attentive and professional. It was a big leap of faith as the service for the new IRA/LLC costs $1,995.00, but as he said, there is a lot of legal paper work for them and it takes time on their part. I believe that they will deliver as promised and look forward to completing the transaction. Awesome interview, thank you for sharing with the members. Mara

    1. Are you shocked that a fully socialist government sells their only globally recognized asset to help stave off their free falling currency?

      If anything it should make you run to gold and silver that governments are so desperate. Nothing in paper is safe.

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