The Commercialization of Christmas

6 years ago


  1. Wow Chris- your stock just dropped 99% on wind of your targeted anti-semetism. I was a follower, now I’m done. If the masses are that stupid it could have been non Jews who would have coerced them BUT maybe THEY weren’t fast enough to figure the game out, what you think there are no non Jews who wouldn’t take advantage of “a sucker is born every fucking minute”? Give me a fucking break!

    1. First, Anti Semitism is a trick to get people from poking around uncomfortable discussions.

      Second, what was not true in the video?

    2. Unfortunately….he speaks the truth. And I guess, as they say, sometimes the truth hurts. the good part is that better days are ahead, and change cannot happen without truth. Thank you to those on the front lines trying to promote change and who work to throw out the old by calling out what no longer serves us.

  2. Rick really? The world is full of suckers, but I don’t try to take their money but I believe that you would. Where did you get your morality guide? The Babylonian Talmud? I am always kind to my brothers with weak intellect

  3. Jesus birthday is nothing to do with Christmas.. It doesn’t say it anywhere in the bible to celebrate jesus’s birthday and December the 25th is never mentioned! Just to let you lot know if you didn’t already?? Look it up. But I know what your getting at Chris about the commercialisation of Saturnalia, which is what people are really celebrating! Chris peace be with ya!!

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