Abandon Ye Hope! Jeff Nielson and Chris Duane Interview

So I invited Jeff Nielson of BullionBullsCanada.com to see if we could find some solutions for this crazy world. What was originally going to be for the Silver Shield Group, I am making this call available to the public.

I simply could not believe the amount of fundamental differences Jeff and I have.

It seemed every step along the interview we stepped into it!

Collectivism vs. Individualism

Post-Collapse Outlook


Occupy Wall St and The Tea Party

and geez even the gold standard!

I appreciated Jeff sharing his time and this gentlemanly disagreement, but I think at the end of the day this only proves that the individual must provide for himself.

For if two guys with over 1,000 publications covering this mess of a world that I thought were much more aligned, have this much disagreement, abandon ye hope of anyone coming to save you.

Jeff Nielson SSX Public Interview.

7 years ago


  1. I don’t think either of you are interested in a true solution; either for individuals or for a “peoples”; as a collective. You and Nielsen arguing about The Tea Party and/or the Occupy Movements is a total waste of time. I’ve tried to write you about this before; but it falls on deaf ears “Psychopaths” and “chess players”….? Really? Neither of you “get it”. The “answer” is in the LAW OF NATIONS and International Law; but you are too closed minded…at this time to “see it”….probably because it requires “too much responsibility”. The same is true of Nielsen….and “ranting” about whether Russia, China, and/or Saudi Arabia….you 2 are “too small” to even be having the conversation. What neither of you have…is a solution.

    1. Your solution is laughable at best.

      “law of nations?” “international law” give me a break!

      Who are these high and mighty bureaucrats you are hoping that will come and save you?

      I challenge you to even find high quality people at your local town hall much less the totally corrupt Washington DC level forget about the international sycophants.

      The beauty of my solution is that I don’t need anyone.

      The mortal sin of your and Jeff’s is a yet to be undetermined collectivist messiah.

      1. Well, to tell you the “my opinion” truth is that the most logical solution is definitely the chosen path from Chris Duane’s perspective… at the end, it’s all up to the individual getting educated and selecting and/or deciding what is best for them and their families… I have not trusted the system for over 35+ years and as a US Army military veteran, I decided to leave the corruption some 25+ years ago… Living in Germany for almost 30 years has been a blessing but unfortunately, I am beginning to feel the same crap as 30+ years ago happening in the states… slowly drifting into Germany… Silver Shield, you are providing awesome education, knowledge and wisdom that many are too afraid to even mention publicly… Silver Shield is strongly supported all the way to Germany… Atleast, the seed has been planted and I will continue to “Listen To All and Follow None”… 😉

        1. Germany is going to fall for a third time to the Anglo American treachery.

          Lusitania, Norman Montague and whatever this is.

  2. I usually enjoy Jeff. I always have a tough time listening to anyone that categorizes the tea party as a bunch morons and gives the occupy folks a gold star. It tends to define their political affiliations. I don’t agree with the tea party on their platform but most of the people I know that consider themselves members, grew up in the 50’s and 60’s. They have witnessed the downfall of our society first hand. They were the silent majority that thought, right or wrong, that if they voted every two years, things would work out. They blindly pulled the lever and went back to raising their kids and working their asses off. I’m with you Chris on defining the psychopaths that always gravitate into the power of the state are pervasive in every governing institution. Whether it is the county school board or Beijing. I don’t think there is a solution in either collective or individual salvation. The “men” who devised the structure of our once great nation were a one off generation. Jefferson was a man of many skills. There are too many distractions in modern life for the average person to master one skill, let alone ten. In order for a man to survive and prosper in our highly specialized economic system, he has to focus on a skill intensely. I am only 35 but I have owned my own business since I was 24. My beef with a purely individual salvation is that we can’t all quit our jobs a sell silver. I build fiber optic networks. It’s a very specialized skill set. I have been successful up to this point. I have been listening to prognosticators of economic doom since 2008. They all say it is just around the corner. The problem is that no one can tell you what it is going to look like on the other side. Buy guns, buy silver, learn to grow your own food, and make friends of like minds are the only solutions we hear. Then what? All commerce and progress comes to an end? No. I think we are seeing the end of the beginning not the beginning of the end. I see loads of pain for the 99%, of which I am apart of, in the future but no one knows how far we fall. Keep stacking and improving yourselves. This is my first comment ever, as such, it is rambling. Keep up the good work Chris. This conversation with Jeff is a glaring example of why their can’t be a collective solution. You can’t even get two people to agree on the problem. How will we agree on a solution.

    1. Thank you for your observation but I never suggested anyone quit their job and sell silver.

      My road was to leave a business that did not resonate with me and through the past ten years of depression and set backs I have reemerged doing something that I resonate with.

      If you think you are here on earth to lay fiber optics then you are living a very closed minded world.

      I don’t know what you are to do or how this should all play out for the greater good, but I think far too many men are not pushing themselves to develop fully. To be Kings of their world.

      If you are not going to make the leap into your highest and best self, then how about make a plan to develop your children or those around you so that they are not some cog in the wheel.

      Stacking is a way of preparing for collapse but also fund the passions you will have to pursue one day when we have a global system error.

      I do know we have a huge deficit of real men, conscious artists, freedom philosophers, and meaningful musicians to inspire a new way of life that must come from when an old ones dies.

      The problem most people have with the individualism thing is that they are surrounded by a bunch of unconscious collectivists and it scares the shit out of them. I think when this goes down we can make a valley of kings and do great things.

      There is much stacking to do before then and far more integrated growth among the men here before that can happen.

      I hope you join the Silver Shield Group to see what we are discussing there.

      1. SS, I am a member. I appreciate your response. I meant no disrespect about quitting our jobs and selling silver. I only meant to point out that you found your calling and I have found mine. I just don’t see how we ware going to be able remove ourselves from the system in preparation for the collapse. I am a King to my wife and kids. That’s part of the reason I don’t spend much time commenting but I felt I had to finally put in my two shekels. I used to have conversations with friends and family like the one you had with Jeff. It is disheartening to know that the Liberty movement is so fragmented. I love what I do and take very seriously the responsibility of shepherding my employees. I treat my trade like an art and that’s why we are successful. I know that every day is another opportunity to improve and grow. I thank you and Ryan for helping me feel like I am not alone in my pursuit. I will resign myself back to the shadows. Love the passion 2oz coin. Just ordered 2 yesterday.

  3. Great! …I’ve never heard so much of Chris fighting for airtime and getting challenged and spoken over. I think the conversation became a bit too heated and too argumentative… which tells me that possibly the next time the topics should be limited simply to “The foundations of private ownership ownership” and possibly something like, “the history and founding of collectivism/communism/socialism” or whatever name doesn’t “offend” someone. Basically, we are all caught in this larger than life struggle, but fundamentally the debate dissolves down if you fail define your values first before having a debate. The value question is something like, “what level of collectivist thievery through coercion is acceptable?” Or, can you agree on a bullet point list of values, before debating finer points. So a few extremely short, example and metophore free, value statements first, then some topic and a debate. Value statement should not be debatable but accepted, then fight to show through example why that other party is wrong based on their own value statements. What are the values first, then debate. If you cannot agree on values first, then you will miss the debate and talk over each other and close up to being open.
    But that was fun!

  4. I found Jeff’s voice just amped up, like he was ready for a show, not ready for a debate. He learned like a politician to be on offense is the only way to be recorded in an interview. He was not in ally territory from his preparation, which was revealed in his ethos during the talk. Chris has conviction, not aggression like Jeff.

    Fibertech, I saw your sincerity and you are exactly the kind of King that this group is made of. Your point about expertise is excellent, and no one knows when an expert will be needed for his very expertise or to transfer it to some other expertise. Maybe we need to lay silver wire some length in the future? Also, I lost a lot of money listening to the doomsayers, and here I get glimpses as to the next step to take in 2016. I need this group, with all the contributors to help chart a course for Real Friends, Real Assets and Real Skills. Stay in the front.

    I for one have to constantly realize how prone I am to wanting a collectivist solution, and reset my mind to wanting an individual solution. It’s an act of will. But Marcus Aurelius said that this very act of our minds checking our thoughts is the very act of REALITY and PRESENCE and power. I will return to doing so NOW.

    See you all soon. Thanks CD for setting up this talk so we know how to sharpen our minds, even with media leaders who appear on the surface to say what we think we believe when we really don’t. There is a border of a difference between Canadiens and Americans.

  5. It appears to me that Jeff knows nothing about either the Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street. His ‘outside’ viewpoint skews his perception of it, in my opinion. Occupy Wall Street was an obvious liberal effort – American definition of liberal, not the Canadian definition; all you need to do was see that it was heralded by the evil Nancy Pelosi – as a response to the natural ground swelling of Americans who identified themselves with the Tea Party movement. The Tea Party arose specifically as a response to the Federal government forcing obamacare upon the American public which did not want the tyrannical government intrusion into their health care decisions. The IRS attacked the Tea Party at the behest of the Executive branch of the Federal government and continues to do so today. In addition, the Tea Party was labeled as a racist organization by the media and liberals in Congress, and they even went so far make up racial slurs that never existed. By definition, the Tea Party is color blind – it is simply a movement to stop the growth of both the government and its intrusion into peoples’ lives.

    Also, China has not obliterated poverty. What nonsense! True, there is a growing middle class and a lot of Chinese are better off due to recent advances in the country, but many Chinese have NOT taken part in the new wealth that has been brought into or has grown within their country. Many of the Chinese are just as poor or even poorer than they have ever been – for instance, many have lost the land that they had for generations and now have nothing at all.

    The speedy ‘destruction’ of the U.S., as you point out, is simply because the elite despise the U.S. tremendously. The reason is simple: The creation of the United States was the greatest setback for the banksters and their agenda in history. So they are taking every precaution to cause as much pain and suffering to the American population as they possibly can, twisting the minds of our youth into a collectivist zombie reflexive action against any type of individualized thinking, so that we will never be able to thwart their efforts again. With the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, they performed a coupe and took the power of the printing press away from the U.S. government and have been utilizing the power of the government to abuse the people anyway they can ever since. However, their efforts are being thwarted regardless, and they are reaching a point of failure that they will never recover from.

    Dude, we are nowhere near the right in America today! We are simply far left in America today. Far, far left! The ‘right’ is nearly extinct in America today, as a power. Most of those in power who claim to be ‘Republicans’ are merely liberals with elephant lapel buttons. There’s no difference anymore between those in power, they are all controlled by their masters and see the people as prey and cannon fodder. It’s all leftism in America today. To the left is slavery, to the right is freedom. And we are severly enslaved in America today.

    1. Don’t get me wrong Jeff, I appreciate your taking the time to talk with Chris. It was a good discussion overall. I just don’t agree with everything you said. Not that I agree with everything Chris said either. Thanks to both of you!

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