The Drudge Conspiracy

Did you hear that Matt Drudge is a huge fan of Alex Jones?  This might be why…
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6 years ago


  1. Interesting POV ~ I personally find it difficult watching Alex Jones go through his rants! And his gloom & doom is way too much!!! However, I do give Alex Jones credit for bringing the attention of 911 cover up & along with Tucker outing the Bilderberg Group. But, I’ve been wondering the past year with regards to Alex Jones ~ And I thought it was funny that you mentioned Drudge being Gay! I listened to the interview with Alex Jones ~ My Gaydar Radar went up! Lol ~ I had to laugh! I think that a lot of these guys when their profile becomes too high, they get bought off! It’s all about Control & Power! We all need to keep our radar up & read between the lines…

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