Aware and Prepared

The Silver Shield 2015 Year of the Sheep started off the year with a visceral image of how a nation of sheep begets government of wolves.

Now the 2015 Aware and Prepared shows the world what can be done about it.

To be truly aware and prepared in the land of sheep and home of the wolves, one must find the divine balance between love and aggression.

To nurture your land and people with love, caring and empathy.

As well as prepared to face any threat with divine will and aggression.

The 2015 Aware and Prepared evokes a powerful image of this love and aggression in a divine balance.

The 2015 Aware and Prepared is available for a very limited run in a 1 oz BU and a 1 oz Proof strike at Authorized Silver Shield Dealers.

AWARE & Prepared BUAware & Prepared - PROOF 3D


5 years ago

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