Why I Am Leaving YouTube

I have one more 8 hour video I am going to load but at 40 GB it is taking a lot longer than I thought. 🙂

4 years ago


  1. Once again I would like to wish both you and your family “Good Luck and Best Wishes for the Future.” You are unique in what you have achieved and I am very certain that you are much loved by genuine people all around the World. God Bless! Vince.

  2. Dear Chris,

    Even though I have just found out about you and your videos about Investing in Silver and how to prepare for the upcoming future, in the last 7-8 months… I believe I have seen everything that you have produced as far as videos and I watch them over and over again… You are right up there with other men in this industry that I value very very much… those in the likes of Michael Maloney, Peter Schiff, David Morgan, etc… except that you are more like myself… the complete Rebel! 😉
    I Thank you so much for Everything that you have offered the public and especially to me personally… your information has truly changed me for the better…and even though I am currently in Germany (almost 30 years, ever since my US ARMY days as a Veteran of 8 years from the Cold War days and Desert Storm…)
    I will hopefully be joining your Silver Shield Group as soon as possible… but until then, do what you have to do… and thank YOU for ALL of your efforts.

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