1. hey chris, not sure if you can answer this or not. I watched a debate with alex jones and david duke. have you seen this? first of all i want to say it is your s.o.l. academy is what woke me up over 2yrs ago and i have done alot of research like yourself and it seem to me what david duke says is correct…..the jews/israel is running our country. my question is…do you agree with this and my other question is…not sure how religous you are. with what is happening and what all christians i know support standing with israel and they say its in the bible.to me it seems like israel is the enemy??? not sure, i started reading the bible now to see if this is true. not sure if i can support israel for what they are doing/done. either way…i believe in god and jesus christ but just not sure about the whole support israel thing. just wanted your opinion. to me it seems wrong this whole israel bible connection thing. thanks and keep up your great work. ps….can i get some free silver….lol

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