Hillary KNOWS Jeb Is Going To Win!

4 years ago


  1. I agree with you on a great many things, Chris. However, I don’t understand why you keep beating the Jeb Bush drums. To me that sounds as far-fetched and incredulous as the claim that Hillary has already won the Presidency. I find it to be utterly ridiculous.

    Nobody is going to vote for Jeb Bush no matter how much money he spends. He’s a fool. And, by the time the election finally rolls around, the Bush family will already have been exposed as the criminals that they are through Disclosure.

    There will never be another Clinton or Bush in the White House.

    1. Jen Bush is a wimp. I agree with the previous post that he cannot and will not win. He is a idiot and gets confused very easily like John Kerry. You’re wrong, Chris

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