SSX 28

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SSX 28 (Right Click To Download)

00:00:00 Fools Gold
00:21:46 Fear Loop Calls Out the Hope Loop
00:35:34 Thank You For Your Service On Steroids
00:41:39 Why They Hate Us
00:49:12 ISIL Update!
00:50:39 Collectivism Attacking Individualism in Seattle
00:55:37 Protect and Serve vs Brutalize and Exploit
01:00:00 Nothing Is Safe Online
01:03:19 Re-Education Camp Trial Balloon
01:09:40 Trump Playing His Role
01:12:50 Rand Plays Idiocracy
01:15:06 Queen’s Dark Side Exposed
01:21:45 Texas Repatriates Gold?
01:24:58 Life Salutes
01:39:51 The Coward Within

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