SSX 25- The Shadow Unconsicousness

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00:00:00 The Archetypes of the Collective Subconscious
00:24:47 The Divine Child
00:33:52 The Precocious Child
00:44:21 The Oedipal Child
00:56:19 The Hero
01:13:25 Child Psychology vs Adult Psychology
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4 years ago

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  1. Thanks, this podcast presents unique and very valuable observations (about men vs boys). When a teenager I had always felt that something was missing: what are the stated criteria for becoming a man?, what is the test/evaluation for such applied to boys? and when does the boy know when we have passed it and we can call him a man? That always bothered me. The TV//facebook/MSM has taken away our culture but as we necessarily rebuild our small communities, this item is one thing (creating a graduation exam and credentials for passing boyhood) that can bring back for a more human life. In Japan, at least they celebrate the age “coming of age day” for 20 year olds as a holiday to commemorate, which is a step in the right direction. Also regarding your correct observations of young Japanese men: the women here call them “grass eaters.” However, if one reads the history of this old/continuous civilization (the Hagakure) one learns that this feminization of men in Japan has always occurred during peacetime between wars but “not to worry” because men will revert back to being men and give up their fascination with clothing and hair and looks and revert back to manhood with the net war (I am almost quoting verbatim from a 300 year old book written by a samaurai). We are defined by our challenges. Current N American challenges are basically finding enough credit to buy smart phones and learning how to dance the fingers on its surface, how to consume food drugs and other stimulii. But people will change IF challenged. I think that only people in the countryside close to nature will be challenged however. best regards

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