SSX 23- ISISrael Plotting A Dirty Bomb On US?

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00:00:00 Bought and paid for puppets
00:04:54 Collectivist Prayer Party in SC
00:10:44 State Department Wants Gag Order on Firearm Related Speech
00:14:47 More Isil Fakery Courtesy of the USA
00:18:22 Problem Reaction Solution:Prepping the Masses For “Dirty Bomb” Attack
00:23:49 Israeli Saudi Connection Revealed
00:26:04 Why China is Rising and the US is Falling
00:36:53 GE Stepping Away From Banking Sector
00:40:24 Yet Another Warning From Another Oligarch
00:48:41 BitGold To the Rescue and the FED Bailing Out With Physical Gold
00:56:34 Amazing Silver News From India
01:03:29 Who’s Buying All the Silver in the US?
01:09:27 News Fasting and New Study Finds Key to Happiness
01:19:10 The Man and the Opportunity by Orison Marden

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