The Police State Is Sucking Wind

4 years ago


  1. I too have noticed how many “fat” police there are and I am puzzled. Do they not have any physical criteria to abide by?
    America is a fat disgusting nation. Try this and you will agree. Go park in front of a Wal Mart Super Center for 1 hour and just observe the “human beings” going in and out. In reality it’s everywhere but Wal Mart will “wake u up”. I cannot believe the physical appearance of the American public.
    Interesting = we were in Italy for one month and other than some real old people just about everyone was lean and in shape. Truly Amazing

  2. Chris – I do not know how to email you direct so I am hoping that you read the following: May I respectfully recommend you read a book by Finis Dake titled = God’s Plan for Man
    I think you will enjoy and learn from it and as prior (me too) Roman Catholics I think it will enlighten you to a whole new perspective regarding Christianity. If you do read it I would be interested in your take on the book. Be well

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