1. FYI, Revelation 39 is not referring to Christians. It is referring to the Jewish religion as oppose to a true Jewish bloodline of Abraham and Sarah.

  2. The Old and New Testament does not have two different gods. One God one plan proclaimed in the Old Testament fulfilled in the New Testament.

    1. Funny OT God is very vindictive, manipulative, and authoritarian probably reflective of the vindictive, manipulative, and authoritarian religious collectivists that wrote it.

      The NT God is of a completely different consciousness as described by Jesus.

      No honest person can rationalize that.

  3. Very well said! It is true, all these so-called “Christians” who are warmongering, promoting racism, Zionism, and debt/fraud based schemes are NOT true followers of the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

    You do say one thing that is in error, though. The old and new testaments are both the word of God and any Christians who discard the old and only cling to the new testament are in error. Without the old testament, the new has no meaning by itself.

    One thing mentioned in the old testament is “unequal weights & measures are an abomination to the LORD”. All these central bankers and their ponzi schemes and derivatives and other financial instruments based on debt fiat currency ARE unequal weights and measures, and when you look at the FOREX and ECB “SDR’s” the concept of unequal weights and measures comes into glaring clarity.

    What can be done? As you have said many times, “focus on what you can change”. None of us can change those things other than a mass exodus of awakened people who abandon those systems and do what is right. For the Christian, doing what is right is obedience to God’s laws and following true religion, which is helping the poor, defending the widows and orphans, loving your neighbor as yourself, and doing those things because they are the right thing to do and not to get some “reward” which invariably leads to more self-entitled attitudes.

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