We’ve Got To Save The Country!!!

5 years ago


  1. How do you escape if you are not financially independent, physically impaired, and basically stuck? I can buy a little silver, but live pay check to pay check and can’t see a way to totally leave the system, only hedge a little against it. Your system is only for the few, who have the juice to get it done! Most of us are trapped in the advanced part of their corrupt system.

  2. Why do you care about your founding fathers, your founding fathers were all masons. Can’t anyone see that? I guess, they are your founding fathers. They laid the foundation for the current state of your country.

    1. Maybe the Chinese won’t be bad bosses! You can’t believe what we are told to believe. That’s the scary part. The only real war will be us and them, and as a spectator’ I’d hope that the evil would be abolished, but that’s not in the script, have to wait and see.

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