SSX 20- FBI Visiting Jade Helm Dissidents!

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00:00:00 FBI Visiting Jade Helm Dissidents!
00:12:20 This is what intellectual bankruptcy sounds like
00:16:48 Rand Paul is fighting the surveillance state!
00:21:57 NYPD preparing to fight ISIL
00:24:40 Legal robberies on the rise
00:32:09 More Bitconning and Darknet goes poof
00:39:06 Soros worried about China?
00:49:15 HSBC charging negative interest rates
00:52:50 Bank of America’s barn-burning economic forecast
00:57:34 Mastering yourself to help others
01:12:03 “If I Rest, I Rust” By Orison Marden

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5 years ago

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  1. Why are the links to the content so convoluted ? Trying to look at ‘Latest News’ – that I get notice about via email – brings me to SSX & the top link “FBI Visiting..Dissidents goes to a circular loop. I ‘sign-up’ and provide info, click submit and then same looping webpage – but not able to click a link to see/hear the news – WHY so complicated ?

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