WARNING! !S!S + Patriot Controlled Oppostion

5 years ago

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  1. while it would be nice to walk away from the system, most people cant do it because they dont have the means to do it, myself included. believe me, if i had enough cash to do it i would get the hell out of where i live, buy me some land in a rural area and live off the land. with that being said, i dont see people waking away from the system that supports them and there family, not to mention that most people are asleep at the wheel when it comes to what is going on in the country and the world. most will never awaken until the shit lands on there doorstep and at that time it will be too late. on another note, dude….you really have hardon for alex jones. you yourself mention that you were a follower of his. what exactly turned the tide on yourself for these attacks. i for one feel that yourself as well as alex send out important messages. it seems to me that shouldnt we try to support one another instead of attacking each other?

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