This Is A Battle Of Consciousness

5 years ago


  1. i can only hope that it will be a collapse of the dollar. my fear is that the psyco’s in charge know that they will be held accountable for this mess. so they are going to do something much more evil… spark off www3, false flag atttacks, bio weapon etc etc

    1. The dollar is just a mechanism being utilized by wounded mindsets. People can misuse any human designed system. Taking away the system doesn’t heal the heart. Recognizing where the system is beneficial or harmful is imperative. It is correct to assess that currently the human race misuses this system more and more to the detriment of our planet and our every species alive on it.

  2. Chris is on point with consciousness. When you change your consciousness you will change your world. This is not theory it is universal law. I have no fear of surviving the collapse. In this new paradigm I/we will build and enlightened community. like minded people will be drawn together.

    1. I agree that like minded people are drawn together. I also think that many of us delve into the quicksand for our friends who have fallen in deep, and that each of us is a link in raising the collective conscious to a higher place out of the mire.

  3. The clouds are pretty. Its just wounded thinking. People aren’t bad or good. People simply are. WE are a collective consciousness, for all the golf-ball consciousness expressed in this dialogue, every human alive is serving his/her purpose to bring us all to enlightenment. Without the contrast, we would not look up and see. For every dark cloud looming waiting to rain showers down on our heads below, and for every fluffy cloud gleaming light from the sun, each has its purpose. We are all RESPONSIBLE for the “evil” spoken of – because we are all contributing to it as a collective spirit whether directly or indirectly. Ignorance and blind acceptance is something we are all guilty of. It isn’t about being “evil”, its about shifting our perspective to a broader or compassionate one. The degrees of separation (a.k.a. “evil”) varies in individuals and groups. The perception and point of references we each have is what ultimately culminates in the whole. When your liver is sick, it affects your other organs. When your arm falls asleep, it can’t hug or embrace another until the needle pricks begin to bring feeling back to your limb, the blood flows and your arm remembers what to do again. This is the state of the human race, asleep, awakening, with each needle prick sensation to the reality we have ALL created together.

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