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00:00:00 Sean of joins the podcast
00:09:08 Mafioso Politics 101
00:22:57 Onward Christian Soldiers
00:32:27 “If my sons did not want wars, their would be none.”
00:37:51 ISIL Update, CIA Drone Kills Adam Gadahn, But Where is Adam Pearlman?
00:42:00 Greece Initiates Capital Controls, US Primacy Seen as Waning, More Major Red Flags From JP Morgan
00:59:17 The New Evil Empire – Robots in the Workforce, Transhumanism and Singularity
01:15:13 Consciousness: Humanity’s Only Hope
01:23:16 An Iron Will by Orison Marden

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8 years ago


  1. Ryan, thank you very much for your excellent extended comments at the end.
    I want to point out that the elite are fairly stupid from the viewpoint of understanding science and technology and that it is VERY worthwhile and important for success to exercise mental discipline and learn the sciences, because from such basic study all skills are much easily learned as needed. Further, such helps a person get the big picture. The elite are being mislead by their lawyers and “financial advisors” and he who learns objective truth with disciplined effort has a natural edge. This is a factual and logical basis for the eventual “triumph of good over evil” referred to, without having to go into religion or hocus pocus. Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin are good examples of how good men with self disciplined study and love of the physical world naturally succeed. A focus on disciplined self learning, focus on the land, and ESPECIALLY asserting local dominion over it is the answer to a roboticized world run by psycbos. The more we ignore development of our mind, (including the easily ignored GRAMMAR side of the trivium which provides basis of reality/science understanding) the more we become subject to the psychotic collectived/roboticized future. The guys calling the shots are easily characterized as non-science/reality thinkers. It is not coincidence that Hillary and Bill, the Bushes, virtually all bankers and lawyers (yes, I am a very rare exception) are virtually totally incapable of understanding basic reality, the objective, testable, stuff that we live in and that provides food, water, shelter, energy etc. THAT is the elite’s Achilles heel……………….. In the world I live in (again, Tom Jefferson is a good example) the furthest thing from a sociopath elite is a farmer. We have open secrets here in the country. “Open” because no matter how hard an elite looks at it or tries to understand it, he never will. That is our strength……..

  2. I’ve been a big fan of Chris’s story and his work for about two years now. I was awakened in 2013 and have been stacking since then. I must admit though that i was abit put off by some of the commentary on religion in this episode. The God of the old testament is the SAME God of the new testament. Jesus did not replace the law, He fulfilled it. The Jewish people, religious or not, have a place in God’s plan according to scripture. History and scripture both illustrate that those who curse them He curses and those who bless them He blesses (GEN12:3). Besides that, awesome podcast!

      1. Some might think He is not so loving when He returns with His Bowl’s of Wrath, etc. Sin has consequences in both Testaments, but He is also a loving Father in both Testaments. Same God, He has a plan. I believe that one day it will all be unravelled and we will all see the great cosmic painting from start to finish. Some will be awed by the glory, but most will probably be terrified and destroyed for their delusional selfishness (sin).

        He clearly didn’t like what the banksters and religious leaders were doing 2000 years ago, perhaps it is even worse today. I’m bettin the wrath is coming. Either His or the angry mob’s. …Both eventually.


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