1. Weep and howl ye rich men because your wealth has come to naught. They cast their gold and silver into the streets, Your hawking silver and other so-called tangible assets, something you can eat, buy with it? Because Dave Hodges writes articles and others like him they are fear mongering? I am a Former Deputy Sheriff and Police Officer, and Oath Keeper. To say Jade helm is not alarming lets look at the facts, the Military has no damn business leaving the bases for training, this is a corrupt beyond belief government, they ARE COMING TO DISARM THE PEOPLE SOME HOW SOMEWAY! WAKE UP, TODAY ENDS MY SUBSCRIPTION ALSO!!!!

    1. Step away from the Alex Jones! If you are a former officer than you know damn well 1,200 troops training in 82 million population is nothing. Google Operation Urban Warrior in Oakland 6,000 troops in one city.

      We can’t even fight a war against cave dwelling 4 th world nations like Afghansitan. Do you really think an American population with 300 million guns…
      You know what I am wasting my time…
      Go drink more fear porn.

        1. Lol have you ever seen foreign troops or worked with them. Poor and undisciplined. Heck even most National Guard and cops are fat and diabetic. Keep spinning yourself into a tizzy, we have lives and families to lead.

  2. IMO the truth is somewhere midway between the 2 previous posts. Let’s learn from everyone for the benefit of more people

  3. chris has a point on the sheer numbers. but the one thing you dont cover on this is the acclimation of the public to seeing troops on our streets. we can see the police state being put in with the shipping of military equipment to all these small towns etc along with the federalizing of police and the brutality we now see in our so called peace officers. either way, these things are not normal in america. also, are borders being wide open, check points etc…..this is not america!

    1. acclimation? Is that what this is now? The public LOVES the military. Highest approval numbers of any part of the governmen. Hero worship anyone?

      And yet Military Moral is at a near all time low.

      Do you really think this teeny tiny 1,200 troops are going to do anything but give keyboard warriors a stroke?

  4. I definitely understand where you are coming from, and that’s one of the things that turned me off about people like Alex Jones from the start. They peddle fear for profit, and they have no understanding of how our military has operated in the past, and is operating currently. My only concern is that when you say that these scenarios are impossible, or implausible, you forget incidents in the past like Ruby Ridge, Waco, Etc. SOME military and federal government forces will respond on the side of tyranny. Am I losing sleep over Jade Helm? not a single second.

    1. The Feds have SOOOOO much to lose with actions like that much less a coordinated, systemic tyranny.

      Not going to happen before dollar collapse for risk of upsetting the unconscious masses that feed this system.

      Not going to happen after because no one is you g to show up to work as they will be more concerned about their family.

  5. the police/military will be paid in my opinion. all we have to is look back in history. plenty of folks did what they were told and were paid to execute tyrannical orders….one way or another the enforcers will be paid when the collapse happens,if not the pitch forks will come out and we will ascend on the elite because they caused all this shit.i am not losing sleep over jade helm but it is a proven fact that they do these excersizes to get people used to seeing this shit in the everyday lives….my 2 cents

    1. Pay is not enough to commit atrocities. Tyrannical leaders need loyal to death followers. Our entire country is loyal to the dollar. Not obama, bush or Clinton. They will not risk upsetting their casino before a dollar collapse and after no one is going to show up for work.

      Another huge factor is racism. It is easy to blow up a few buildings and blame brown people halfway around the world. Much more difficult to turn that against a white guy with a Gasden Flag.

  6. either way the people in charge are fucking insane. my biggest concern is that alot of people are waking up to this and what we really need to worry about is the clowns in charge starting ww3 to cover there years of arocities and criminal behavior

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