How to Fight Back In the Banks War On Cash, Gold and Silver

8 years ago


  1. The 5 reasons north America will not survive the 21st century.

    -THE AMERICAN DOLLAR; has been globally recognized as fraudulent; many countries led by the BRICS union, are dumping the dollar as the world’s reserve currency for trade and investment.

    -ECO COLLAPSE; America is constantly facing multiple ecological challenges; most of which are static in nature and above reprieve. Situations such as the drought in California, the fukushima radiation migration, the gulf oil spill, fracking and fertilizer industry ground water destruction, to name a few….

    GEO POLITICAL PENALTIES; America, in the name of dollar supremacy, resource extraction and NWO infection of foreign governments, has created quite the list of “enemies”. If resisting eugenics, gmo crops, debt dollar slavery and spiritual degradation and manipulation… can make you ones enemy… then we all know where we stand. To clarify at this point, I do not see america as responsible for this 100%. The country has been hijacked by billionaire nazis whom literally practice satanism. THEY are the true enemy, using america as a tool and ultimately a patsy for WW3, just as they used Germany as a fist and ultimately a patsy in WW2.

    -CLOWARD PIVEN; is being implemented, the days of Glas Steagal are long gone. This is a social engineering program that involves intentionally shutting down the industry and commerce of a country via immigration stress, unemployment, intentional currency and commodity manipulations and cost prohibitive social structures. They will blow up the economy to create order out of chaos, to dissolve their threats and to make the great depression round two the excuse and or motive for conflict with the east.

    -TIME BOMB POPULATION; civil war concerns, cancer rate up to one in two and NWO members openly expressing concern for opposition. In a decade or so, the rate of serious illness in citizens of america will go from three in five to five in five. Autoimmune diseases, cancer, mental disorders and malnutrition has already turned the youth of America into zombie husks. A third of America is out of work and receiving some form of social assistance. The low labour market and tax intake, the burden on the health care Industry, the human suffering and all the homeless lost souls. It is a serious inferno just waiting to break through the door and raize the fortress of the debt and death paradigm, of the Criminal hydra hegemons, the NEW WORLD DISORDER.


  2. I just found some of your videos and site. I have been learning about new world order another concerns of the day however nobody tell you how to get through it or survive I found your site interesting and I look forward to info without fear and hype as you say.

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