1. Why specifically? Do you enjoy being emotionally manipulated by fear of things outside of your control or do you simply take comfort in the hope that someone is going to save you?

  1. i do not fear what alex jones reports on, i enjoy getting his news because the mainstream media doesnt cover it. mainstream media shovels agenda and propoganda. for this reason i feel you are wrong on attacking alex. he is doing the same thing you are, trying to wake people up out of there trance.

    1. That is the equivalent of mainstream people watching Fox News because MSNBC doesn’t cover Obamas birth certificate.

      The lesser of two evils is not the way out of this mess.

  2. really, thats your response. I watch numerous different news sources from yours, fox news, msnbc, drudge report, wnd etc etc etc…….nodoby reports truth more that the alternative news sites……please explain to me wft you are talking about. has nothing to do with choosing the lesser of 2 evils. people need to be told the truth and it sure as hell isnt coming from the bullshit that is in the limelight!

  3. I suspect Shawn didn’t ‘buy into’ his Bill Hicks ‘comedy’ (character) routine, either? (I never did…) Free (?) Agent ‘Alex’ is disseminating some truth, but I frankly can’t watch many of his ‘rants,’ nor keep up with all the ‘intel’ to constantly ‘disallow’ the CIA, Stratfor, et al ‘disinfo’ (bundled therein) to be left with at least 90% truth, at the end of the line… ‘Fear porn’ is afterall, merely that… It ‘disempowers’ the mind, body and soul… and the end result is ‘confusion’ about what (if anything?) to do… and ultimately ‘complacency’ after being ‘beaten into (near) submission..’ by default… even if your determined not to let the collectivist’s ‘agenda,’ get you down, and out… Or worse, you reach the bottom, don’t care any longer… and ‘shoot your mouth off’ online, so you’re then ‘marked’ by the beast, as a ‘dissenter to ‘potential terrorist…’

  4. Sure, Alex Jones is passionate about what he’s doing. And he’s doing exactly what other news does to grab your attention. Somebody had to wake people up. Unfortunately we’re so desensitized simply stating facts doesn’t work. You got to put some emotion behind it.

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