Silver Shield Xchange Podcast #15

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00:00:00 “It Has To Go Full Retard Before It Ends”
00:03:40 US Army Morale Shows Everything Comes Down To This
00:08:30 Kill Team: A Real Movie About the War on Terror
00:15:50 What Happens When the Military Doesn’t Get Paid
00:18:24 Jade Helm 15 Worst Case Scenario
00:27:35 Identifying the Fear Loop
00:36:66 ISIS Being Linked to Collectivist Patriot Groups
00:41:58 ISIL Update: No One Is Coming to Save You
00:52:14 Preparing For The Collapse, All Show and No Go
01:00:37 It All Comes Back To Real Skills, Real Friends, and Real Wealth
01:09:40 Generation Warrior

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