Silver Shield Xchange #14- Guest David Morgan

SSX 14- Guest David Morgan

00:00:00 Another Collectivist Messiah
00:06:48 The War Horse Prepares
00:10:00 US Nerve Gas Hit 200,000 Soldiers In Iraq
00:16:32 Organic Food Chain Supply Strain
00:19:35 Michael Slager Dash Cam Footage Released
00:23:37 2/3 of Americans on Anti Depressants Aren’t Depressed, Heroin Deaths in US Triple in 3 years
00:33:58 Pope Francis to Address Congress For First Time Ever
00:39:05 Beppe Grillo Disarms The 7 Unfounded Fears Of A Euro Exit
00:44:08 India’s Largest Jewelry Maker Buying Gold Mines, India Importing Massive Amounts of Gold
00:52:13 Half of Americans Are Not In The Stock Market
00:55:30 Jamie Dimon – “Another Crisis Is Coming”
01:01:38 The BRICS Are Doing What Individuals Should Be Doing
01:07:50 The Big Reset and the Digital Revolution
01:18:52 You Vs. The World

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