The Dark Future Is Being Engineered

5 years ago

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  1. All human paradigm shifts (eg. settlement agriculture, industrial revolution, robotizationj of the work force etc) are driven by and result from advances in technology and from people LEARNING technology (how to interact with the real world outside of movies, TV and U-tube). It is very important that each person learn (not by endless internet chit chat but by serious study) basic technology and get one or more technical skills. Relying on the psycopath owned robot for the fruits of technology is the biggest danger here. Even learning to repair a toaster oven or bicycle is very helpful. You are right that we need to think about how technology (now at zero cost to get via internet). The solution is NOT to run away from learning technology or to condemn engineers. The issue is HOW to use technology . I note that most U.S. engineers in my lifetime dedicated their lives to bombs and other weapons) and this is a major reason why I am located in Japan working for solar technologies for non-death dealing corporations. The solution overall remains clear: each person must plug into a small community (or start one) where each member and the community generally asserts ABSOLUTE DOMINION over the land, the water falling upon it, the wind, and the sunshine. Technology has advanced and is zero cost such that small communities can make their own food, own water, own energy and most of the remaining, with some trade with other locals. Each person can get a high quality education for the price of self-discipline (which is sorely lacking in N. America). I learn at these days, better than an expensive college. Walking away from supporting socialpaths means walking towards taking control of ones own environment via personal discipline potentiated education and BUILDING a local community to the exclusion of the sociopath. That is how the sociopath can wither away. We need to embrace a DIFFERENT direction of technology-usage. The real losers will be those who refuse to learn about the physical world and how to deal with it (i.e. technology) and spend their precious time watching endless U-tube videos and TV and games for entertainment, while begging a savior collective for the scraps of food and entertainment devices produced by sociopath owned robots. The big lesson with internet and technology is that each person finally can take his own future into his own hands and simultaneously turn his back on the sociopath provider with his collective. But you have to MAKE your freedom by learning and creating independent of the sociopath. Your other videos hit it right on the head: “each person has it within himself” but we must remember that personal discipline is required. My impression is that education in N.. Americans has destroyed personal discipline needed and replaced it with an overconfident arrogance. “the builders shall inherit the world” We need self discipline and personal education and passionate focus to build our way out of the deepening nihilism.

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