Silver Shield Xchange Podcast #13

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00:00:00 Angela Keaton of joins the podcast
00:14:30 Germanwing Crash and Anti-Depressants Linked
00:21:53 Royal Hypocrisy From Prince Charles
00:25:22 Unprecedented Water Situation in California
00:34:33 The Last Time We Talk About Ted Cruz
00:40:41 NSA, Military Facing Recruiting Challenges
00:50:13 US Navy Joins Saudi Airstrikes Against Yemen
01:02:07 ISIL Update
01:07:09 Putin Coming To New York
01:09:00 Greece Draws Up Drachma Plans
01:13:22 Israel Applies To Join the AIIB
01:18:36 China and India Importing MASSIVE Amounts of Gold
01:22:46 Corporate Media Finally Covers “20 Years of Mineable Gold” Story
01:28:38 Your FEAR Is Their Power

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