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8 years ago


  1. Well the fact remains that this is happening in the USA. The fact that our government who we elect pay taxes to has a plan to implement and train to implement such a thing. Chris you say how you did it oversees. So how are you any better. It may be fear porn in certain respects. But it Is knowledge. Is it happening…yes. Are they training for it…yes. Israel the US or any country has their hands dirty so please get off your soap box both of you. Why not wake up to the fact that as you state yourself Chris we are slaves, even you. Do you pay taxes Chris? Are your subject to laws chris? So blow it out your ass.

    1. You can get your panties in a twist about 1,200 people in a populations of 82,000,000.

      I will choose to stick to logic instead of following a known fear monger.

      Fun fact: how many Americans have died as a result of Fukishima that Alex screamed about for months selling his pills?

      Answer: 0

      Oh and what about the 100,000 people that were going to die by last December of Ebola 😉

  2. Chris,
    You and Alex actually have a lot more in common with each other than either one of you have in common with the typical asleep American. That’s a fact.

    1. So do humans and chimps… We are all one, except for those that seek to spread fear of another to garner power for themselves.

      Stop worrying about irrational things outside of your control and focus on things you can control.

  3. Arguing this stuff is a waste of energy. Chris is right that Alex blows things out of proportion. But ultimately no one really knows exactly what’s going to happen. One thing that has brought me peace over the years is similar to what Chris just mentioned. “Do what’s in your control, don’t even think about what’s outside of it”

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