Must Watch Fan Videos

These two videos were created for me by two very talented YouTubers and if you like them I will try to get them to do more of them in the future. Please comment and support them.

Jefferey Jaxen did this Collectivism Kills video.


Patrick Willis did this Cosmic Will or Collectivism Kills video.



5 years ago


  1. IMO, it is “authority over” that kills! The only authority that anyone has is “over themselves”. Capitalism kills just as well as Collectivism. Hierarchy kills. Networking of peers creates harmony in the world with no desire for killing. No one is meant to be boss. Attraction rules in harmony. All action should be voluntary. Physical Law states that all force creates an equal counter force, hence IMO wastes energy and accomplish nothing. All wars are a perfect example. Our species needs to learn the benefits of symbiosis where the more you help others the more others can help you. IMO again, no entity is more important than another entity in the eyes of creation. The sooner we wise up the sooner harmony will reign in our world.

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