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00:00:00 Silver Bull Run 2
00:08:15 Podcast Introduction with Mr. Peak Crackers
00:10:24 The Bald First Lady, Big Mac Clothing Line, Whopper Cologne
00:16:32 Ted Cruz announces he’s running for President, Time For Compromise?
00:21:45 The False Left Right Paradigm within the Republican Party
00:26:10 Epic Jade Helm 15 Information!
00:38:41 Patrick Moore: Why I am a Climate Change Skeptic
00:42:39 Harvey Weinstein Fueling the Religious Collectivist Fire
00:47:45 Unprecedented: Israel Nuke Documents Leaked
00:55:29 Isil Update
01:02:05 – Body Count From the War on Terror over 1 million
01:05:40 War In Yemen Brought To You By…
01:12:08 US Caves In Iran Nuke Deal
01:15:17 Syria Welcomes More Support From Putin
01:23:21 Chris Duane Agrees With Charles Munger
01:28:28 The Possibilities of a GoogleFacebookRobot Future for Humanity
01:37:00 Stratfor: US fears German-Russian Alliance
01:40:42 China’s Manifest Destiny
01:50:45 More Countries Moving Away From the Dollar
01:55:28 Goldman Sachs: Only 20 years of gold supply left
01:59:05 Complacency and “Prepper’s Fatigue”
02:07:51 Man at the Borderland
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