SSX #11

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00:00:00 A New Way to Unwind in America
00:05:53 Jade Helm 15 Military Operation
00:14:00 Russia’s 7 Pronged Strategy to Invade the US!
00:17:38 Putin Disappears, Then Makes HUGE Announcement
00:21:04 Guess Who’s Making All The Friends In the World?
00:24:30 Fox News Military Analyst Says “Start Killing Russians”
00:29:50 Jen Psaki Shows the Old Playbook Isn’t Working Anymore
00:33:11 Bibi Wins, Neocons Rejoice, Kissinger Says Israel Will Not Exist In 2022
00:36:22 Al Gore Tells Millenials To Shame Climate Change Deniers
00:47:11 Tesla CEO Says Driving In The Future Will Be Illegal
00:53:08 ISIL update – Snowballing bad guys, Canada joins the sideshow, and “Veterans Against ISIS”
01:04:26 ECB Prepares For Grexit, More Opportunities For Russia and China
01:11:03 The AIIB – Major Players are Picking Up Their Chips and Leaving the US to Die
01:19:45 Federal Reserve “Opens the Door To June Rate Hikes”…
01:23:28 – Student Loan Debt Jubilee
01:28:50 – Taking Time To Remember What’s Important
01:32:14 – Success Against Odds by Orison Marden

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