SSX #10

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00:00:00 The Secret Truth About World War 3
00:06:46 From Russia With Love
00:11:21 Why Germany Is Not Happy With The US
00:16:16 Jean-Claude Juncker Calls For EU Army
00:18:44 Putin: First Soviet government was mostly Jewish
00:21:55 Hillary “Scandal” Explained in less than 3 minutes
00:23:34 Republicans Warn Iran…
00:29:54 The Dangerous American Oligarch Behind Benjamin Netanyahu
00:32:57 “Iran Wants To Wipe Israel Off The Map!”
00:37:41 ISIL Recruiting the Deaf and Making Mothers Eat Their Children
00:40:49 The Reason Why We Have ISIL andthe Crises In Ukraine
00:49:28 Boko Harrams It Up With ISIL
00:51:23 Albert Edwards First TV Interview In 20 Years – Calls Out Alan Greenspan
00:52:46 They NEED Inflation
00:56:59 China To Launch CIPS This Fall
00:59:11 The Ugly Truth About the Euro
01:02:38 Blythe Masters Joins Bitcoin Startup
01:09:06 Epic Short Squeeze in Gold on the Horizon?
01:11:25 Corporations Buying Their Own Stock at Record Rates!
01:13:58 India Announces Incentives For Citizens To Keep Their Gold With Banks
01:16:39 Martin Armstrong: “Rothschilds – Fact or Disinformation to Protect the Guilty?”
01:24:38 Fighting Complacency
01:29:54 Wanted: A Man
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