1. Tons of clips that are out of context and a complete lack of understanding of the brevity of the issues. If the arabs laid down their arms there would be definite peace in the Mid-East. If Israel laid down her arms there would no longer be an Israel. Peace….

    1. The Anglo American empire has committed so many atrocities in the Middle East that anyone defending them or accusing the Muslims of aggression in light of these acts against humanity, is either ignorant or a racist psychopath.

  2. Very disappointing. Trivializes the very important issues at stake. Ignorant of 1400 years of history. Uses blatant propaganda and ad hominum character assassination techniques. You helped wake me up as soon as your famous SBSS article went viral, but this is not worthy of the brilliant Silver Shield brand. How can I trust anything you produce ever again, Chris? Make your case like you used to, with simple, verifiable facts and logic.

    1. I was just talking the last 50 to 100 years but if you want to include the Crusades and still argue the Muslims are the bad guys then more power to you…

      I have done very detailed documentaries like the Sons of Liberty Academy and the Rise and the Fall of the Bankster and this video is not meant to be at that level.

      None the less it certainly stabs at the intended source with very little effort and one in which the ignorant masses can easily consume on YouTube.

  3. If anything Israel has the right to be paranoid and defend themselves. Remember Hitler and the Nazi’s? how many millions innocent man, woman and children they executed again for being a Jew? Right!…

    1. I am so glad you brought up the World War 2 and the Jews.
      You would think that if there were any group of people in the world that would have learned what it was like to be persecuted and have their livelihood stolen from them it would be the Jews, right?

      And yet any rational look at the systemic thieving of lands from the Palestinians, the inhuman subjugation of the Palestinians in their homeland, the murder and economic terrorism against the Palestinians by the Jewish people, I think their God in heaven would be ashamed of their behavior.

      And that is just in just inside the Israel/Palestinian state…

      Outside… Israel has sought constant war. They have assassinated people, they have over 300 nukes that have never been declared or inspected and yet try to get America to destroy Iran for even attempting Nuclear Power. They fund the most warmongers in the US that think of nothing of using America’s might to serve their interests.

      If there was one group that should show compassion and love as the solution to tyranny it should be the Jews, but sadly they have enabled the psychopaths to run Israel to the ground.

      Hey if Israel wants to pursue this policy of aggression, have at it. Just leave America out of it.

      In a column published by the New York Post on September 17, Cindy Adams wrote: “Reported to me, Henry Kissinger has stated — and I quote the statement word for word: ‘In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.'”

  4. So what is the percentage of lets say, guilty Israelites versus the innocent one? Lets wipe them all out of the face of the earth? Lets say 15% are the bad apples, 85% are collateral damage? Let us not generalise the equation. There are much more innocent lives that is in the middle of this on both sides.

    1. You see you are still thinking collective violence is a solution….
      The real solution is individuals recognizing the world is run by psychopaths and WE are the ones enabling them.
      You should be encouraging others to question why war and violence is always drummed as a solution…
      You should question who benefits from this…
      And eventually you will see the only solution is for humanity to walk away from these psychopaths…

      You will come along to this line of thinking because I was just like you at one time….


  5. Well done Chris! The paradigm shift that is required by those who still believe the bs is massive. It is so engrained. Within Americas psyche and for that matter Christians worldwide who really believe that Israel is the holy land and therefore that they have the right to bomb the you know what out of the Muslims wherever they live. Israel isn’t under attack, and no one heard Netanyahu saying anything about the genocide being perpetuated by Isis. Funny that, you would think that someone who is supposed to be the face of the Jews who know what genocide is, but he says nothing about it. For whatever reason it is Iran that’s been on the top of the list to be destroyed. Iran has never invaded any countries since 1948, can’t say the same thing about USA or Israel. Anyway keep going Chris.

  6. Why is it that the Jews think they are the only ones in history to face genocide.. It’s been happening in west Papua for the last 50 years and no one has even blinked.. They should if had a state built in Poland or hungry as well… Just saying

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