Rudy Giuliani Zionist Warmonger Puppet

5 years ago


  1. Why don’t you lay off the Jews. If you read the Quran it calls 283 times for Jihad and that means killing you, and everyone else that is non MUSLIM. LAY THE FUCK OFF THE JEWS. Obama is a true Muslim, Obama is the person tearing this country apart and turning his back on our allies and advancing ISLAM in this country. Wipe the shot off your eyes and get the shit out of your ears. 1.7 billion Muslims versus less than 20 million Jews. Israel has our back and if we don’t stand strong your ass will be beheaded along with the rest of the infidels

    1. Your ignorance of the past century of Anglo American formation, radicalization and destruction of the Middle East for the power and profit of Rothschild banking and Rockefeller oil is not going to stop the truth from getting out.

      Instead you should read A Century of War by Engdahl it will destroy your fragile paradigm of ignorance and faith.

    2. Even the Israeli secret service – Mossad – called Benjamin Netanyahu’s statement’s about Iran’s Nuclear capabilities – he was at odds with them reporting that Iran was no where near capable?! -.
      Maybe you ought wake up and smell the coffee Leon.
      Since its inception the territory of Israel has sought to dominate the region, with its land grabbing THIEVERY, its always had the FULL backing of the Imperialist West and their allies. Whilst being a sometimes staging post for the imperialists to launch assualts on the region, in the name of regional stability.
      When the blind are led by the blind the expectation is you’ll meet mishap.

  2. Israel has the right to defend its self. Im a Christian and appreciated your research Chris. You have created silver coins that I purchased to acknowledge your contibution including Christ on the cross, multiple design of banksters and freedom coins. Iran wanted to wipe out Israel on the face of the earth. Where did Jesus come from? You think he would allow that?…My son is also named Christian for my belief. Why are you picking on Israel then put Jesus on your coins? Focus on your main objective please. Thank you and Godbless you

    1. Of course they have a right to defend themselves and the will reap what they sow.
      Iran wants to wipe “Zionism” away… war mongering… NeoCON…debt and death… Rothschild… Zionism.
      The same Zionism created by the Balfour Declaration in 1917 that plotted to steal Palestinian lands.
      The same Zionism that radicalized and destabilized Muslim nations.
      The same Zionism that the fake ISIS never seems to attack Israel as they kill Muslims and Christians.
      John 3:16 has nothing to do with Revelations 3:9.
      Be careful on whose side you are on in the end.

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