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00:00:00 Giuliani “calls out’’ Obama
The Final Two Years
00:16:04 Hillary 5.0
00:18:16 “Emancipating” wealth with Joe Biden
00:25:05 The war on terror turns inward
What could be more dangerous than sovereign citizens?
00:36:42 Is THIS a Coincidence?
00:39:15 Greece is still a debt colony
Russia ratifies $100 Billion BRICS Brank
00:44:00 What’s happening to gold in Ukraine
00:47:05 Sales of “hyper luxury” cars on the rise
00:49:01 Dudly-Do-Right to investigate 10 big banks
00:50:52 Apple to buy 1/3 of the world’s gold for the Iwatch?
00:54: 38 The most guilty guy in the world is still at it
00:58:20 Reviewing the Liquidity Pyramid
01:05:28 What Will Matter

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