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00:00:00 The truth about Greece exiting the Eurozone
00:08:13 Uncle Joe Strikes Again, the “Shock and Awe” of the Jeb Bush presidential campaign
00:14:00 Obama advisor speaks out, the ultimate false flag
00:18:17 FBI Documents Show Plot to Kill Occupy Leaders if “Deemed Necessary”
00:20:48 More proof that nothing online is safe
00:23:52 Terror Inc: The ultimate B.S. story of the week
00:29:49 Good job Billy Graham!
00:31:37 This is America: 50 Shades of Grey, American Sniper and the Walking Dead
00:38:52 Chinese leader wants people to act like sheep in the year of the sheep
00:41:09 Gold to be used as loan collateral in India
00:45:05 Global Silver production peaked in 2014
00:49:35 Selling out Samuel Adams for $200

Listener Emails
00:52:11 What can I do to defend myself agains the “pro vaccine” crowd?
01:00:42 Goldman Sachs created BRICS, is BRICS coming to save us?
01:07:40 Walking away, being debt free, stacking or paying down debt?
01:12:28 Waterfall events in Roman and American currencies
01:14:15 Teacher says ODD is nothing new
01:23:00 American Children on anti depressants

Chris Duane vs Stefan Molyneux
01:30:24 Chris reviews Stefan Molyneux’s “F&#K EVIL II BREAK THE MATRIX” Video

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