50 Shades of American Zombie Sniper

4 years ago


  1. We have all been sedated with mind amusements TV, MOvies, Games, and bouncing balls… please investigate Peter Eric Hendrickson author of Cracking the Code and the LostHorizons.com website. Please do a show and interview him if you think he is credible. Personally I think he is right on the money. My “W-2” money mis-taken from me and given to the IRS without my consent.

  2. I think that the reason people need to watch Fox “news” is because zombies don’t eat dead brains…

    I’d be willing to bet that some people are honestly surprised that it turns out Bill O’reilly “ever lied on the air.” There are probably people out there who are genuinely shocked!

    Aside: “Tax time” is coming up soon…and that usually means “The Wealthy” sell off their “paper gold”, either to trade it in for some zeroes and ones to pay the taxes they couldn’t avoid, or to write some zeroes and ones down “to prove they don’t owe any taxes.” Look for prices to dip a bit, the closer we get to April 15th!

    1. I know enough to know that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.
      I know enough to know that if China was doing to us as we have done to the middle east, you would probably be a terrorist against the invaders.
      I know enough to know that all of these wars, every single one of them are caused by big money men looking for more debt and death.
      I know the General Smedley Butler called it best, War is a Racket.
      I know enough that movies like American Sniper are crucial to get young men to join the military.
      I know because I was one of them…

      1. I know enough to know, that what you have written is the truth and you could have ‘spoken’ a whole lot more truth….

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