SSX Podcast- Collective Revolution vs Individual Evolution

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00:00 First Lady gets a TV Show? Watching the TV watch you
04:43 Gallup CEO says he could disappear for unemployment comments,
09:06 Baltic Dry Index hits record lows
13:22 The Most Guilty Guy In The World
17:12 The Biggest Science Scandal Ever
23:05 Debtors Prisons = Keeping people in line
29:30 China says they want to arm the Hawaiian independence movement
34:15 What Operation Chokepoint Means to YOU
38:39 The Political Puppet Show, Kissinger Chooses Bush, Elizabeth Warren “turns heel” Rep. Cummings: “Government feeding the soul”
43:45 India takes the top spot in gold
46:45 FEC Moving to censor the internet, Nothing’s Guaranteed
54:17 “Understanding The Fear Of Self-Defense And Revolution” By Brandon Smith, Revolution vs Evolution, The ONLY Way Real Change Happens
1:18:04 – Getting on a Better Life Ride by Warrior

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4 years ago


  1. The message articulated starting at 1 hr 4 min 10 seconds about walking away is most powerful and essential. In that context I strongly urge that technology use (or misuse) is the key to going forward. Becoming independent from the “system” is THE KEY but requires locavore (self produced, self consumed) both food, and energy. Technology has potentiated all paradigm shifts and the nice thing about the most recent changes is that the individual can both walk away and have a more luxurious lifestyle, NOW. Most people feel confident about learning how to grow food but almost no one understands how recent technology improvements allow locally produced and consumed energy. I am working full time in this technology space and have a next paradigm electric energy system (neighborhood microgrid) that is one good answer for the energy side of walking away. Anyone interested in participating (serious WILLING TO WORK WITH HANDS ONLY please contact me , I have a workshop on the east coast). Mots

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