SilverShieldXchange #3

Nobody gives this kind of perspective on current events.

No hope. No fear. No Bull.

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SilverShieldXchange #3 with Chris Duane and Ryan Brooks

00:00 EPIC News of the Week, Chris visits Spokane, country life vs city life
06:41 The Real State of the Union
10:21 Salman takes the throne in Saudi Arabia, OPEC Secretary General says oil has bottomed out.
16:41 Eurozone hits 11 year low, latest happenings in Greece, looking at the global chess board.
27:06 Billionaires meet in Davos, Americans get offended, Jamie Dimon warns of a world without JP Moran.
32:06 American “boots on the ground” spotted in Ukraine
38:55 What America’s auto industry “recovery” really means, preparing for negative interest rates
49:52 Silver Update – Silver has its best start of the year since 1983, but does it really matter?
55:35 Thoughts of the Week – Don’t Forget Who You Are by Warrior

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