SilverShield Xchange #2

We once again break the world events down in 1 hour like no other.

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0:00:00 Silver Shield Collection Updates
0:01:46 Joe Biden gets personal- Weakness being exploited in high places, how “our” leaders get to the top. Why there is no hope within the current political system. Energy vampires.
0:10:46 The REAL lessons learned from the Paris “terror attack”. Suspicious Actions. The two only scenarios. Something more horrible than the attacks themselves.
0:17:27 More Yelling about World War 3 with Islam. What you can do about ISIS and other scary terrorists.
0:22:30 What an uncertain future in the house of Saud means for the United States. The real reasons for declining oil prices. The spring crisis window.
0:26:21 New push for “cyber security” from Obama and Cameron. Dealing with Internet censorship.
0:30:46 SOLA predictions coming to pass five years later.
0:35:40 – Currency Wars! Swiss Franc jumps 30% in 13 minutes. The quickening in 2015. Consciousness changing events.
0:49:10 Dollar to die by mid February 2015? Jim Willie thinks so, what about Chris Duane?
0:55:09 What Ron Paul got right/wrong in his 18 page 2015 Predictions report. Time to drop the revolution and start the evolution. Stop begging for Liberty and declare your freedom.
0:59:50 – Preparing for the collapse. Physical and Mental preparation. What is it really going to take?
01:05:00 – Exploring the benefits of challenging ourselves. Developing the inner fire that burns in all of us. When game day came, what did your daddy do?

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